Marketing Agency Third Angle Publishes Eight New, Free Small-Business Guides

Covering a range of important topics from practical perspectives, brand new articles at website join many more of similar kinds that were published in October, Third Angle reports

Third Angle, one of the state's leading marketing and digital design agencies, published at the company's website a rich new collection of guides and resources aimed at small businesses. Covering topics including the effective use of newsletters and every-door direct mail; a proven, comprehensive small-business marketing checklist; the Google Analytics website metrics system; writing attention-grabbing email subject lines; and more, the brand new articles have something to offer to every small business owner or marketer. With an award-winning team of Colorado-loving marketing and design experts, Third Angle consistently helps companies in the Colorado Springs area and beyond find valuable new customers.

"We're happy to report that we have just published eight helpful new marketing articles," Third Angle founder and owner Randy Monroe said, "We're glad to be able to put so many useful small-business resources online in a single place. We think any business owner or operator who is looking for effective ways of cultivating new customers will benefit from stopping by to see what we have to offer."

If the Internet can be viewed as an inherently democratizing development, that is likely in no way more true than with regard to small businesses. Smaller companies that would previously have had no hope of standing up against the advertising budgets of far larger competitors frequently make a splash today by garnering especially strong reviews, publishing interesting, unique content, or establishing engaging social network presences.

Of course, such successes do not come easily to every small business owner. In fact, those who do best tend to use the services of independent agencies that focus on digital marketing and design, whether for short-term online visibility boosts or relationships that endure and evolve for years.

For dozens of companies and organizations in the Colorado Springs area and elsewhere in the state, Third Angle has proven to be a highly capable and valuable partner of this kind. With a full range of marketing and digital design services, Third Angle is capable of providing whatever a particular client might need, working with every new customer to figure out the mix that will deliver the greatest possible value.

A client just getting started online, for example, can arrange for a top-quality, entirely custom built website at, knowing that the new asset will be designed from the ground up to serve the goal of developing new business. Once that website goes online, the same client might take advantage of the best-in-class search engine optimization for small businesses at, thereafter watching the new site climb in the Google search results for business-relevant keywords.

Third Angle marketing and design experts recently turned their impressive skills to the task of creating a new batch of content for website visitors to learn and benefit from. With eight practical new guides and articles having been published in the last week to join a number of others launched earlier in the month, Third Angle website users of all goals and interests will find plenty of valuable new information to absorb. Visitors to the website can also read about the agency's whole range of services and schedule a free consultation, website review, and SEO analysis.

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