MarketersMedia Announces Partnership with SproutNews to Manage It's Media Distribution Solution

MarketersMedia has today announced partnership with SproutNews to widen it`s content and media distribution.

MarketersMedia, a leading press release distribution service and SproutNews, a branding and content management service provider today announced partnership to help widen MarketersMedia`s news releases reach.

"MarketersMedia is gaining a clear leadership position in helping small and medium business owners reach a bigger audience with their news releases," said Daniel Tan, CEO of "Our customers have always wanted to see their news releases reach more people, served by more media outlets and this partnership will allow us to do that better."

With this partnership, MarketersMedia will be able to streamline it`s content management activities and widen it`s content distribution. Currently, news releases on MarketersMedia will be seen on Google News, Yahoo News, major media outlets, WSJ, Reuters and endpoints such as AP, Dow Jone`s Factiva, news information systems and more. The partnership will allow their releases to reach more media outlets including TV, radio and broadcast station`s websites.

"SproutNews has previously helped many of our clients with their custom content requirements," explained Daniel. "We are happy to have SproutNews take care of a bigger part of our value chain."

"This is not a usual partnership that`s limited to the defined scope," said Daniel. "We are already exploring how we can better collaborate both our resources to serve our customers better."

To-date, MarketersMedia has helped countless of SMB, apps and book authors and startups to launch their events and products successfully. It has previously helped an automobile blog gather 20,000 views on it`s news release and a KickStarter campaign to gain backers successfully.

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