Marcus Hiles - Proud Of The Ample Personal Living Space Offered In All Western Rim Properties

With the expanding number of choices available to a renter today, it is crucial to consider the amount of breathing space woven into an apartment or home floor plan.

The spacious living arrangements offered in all Marcus Hiles’ Western Rim properties is what makes them so incredibly attractive. Due to the increasing demand of urban life, a decrease of square footage for the average renter is becoming a trend. Each and every Western Rim property is thoughtfully created with the modern renter’s need for adequate living space in mind, providing an oasis to come home to in the midst of a bustling crowded world.

With the expanding number of choices available to a renter today, it is crucial to consider the amount of breathing space woven into an apartment or home floor plan. This is where Western Rim properties excels, by utilizing tranquil space to create not only valuable real estate, but the best possible housing choice to enhance a resident’s quality of life. According to the National Multifamily Housing Council, 41% of Huston’s current population occupies rental properties. Marcus Hiles understands the importance of accommodating the modern renter by providing gorgeous apartment arrangements that include welcoming open floor plans and private patios and balconies.

Excellent amenities and services are welcome additions to any rental property, and Hiles ensures that his affordable luxury complexes offer the best. Western Rim apartment complexes throughout Texas include sprawling resort-style swimming pools and gourmet summer kitchens, adjacent to outdoor Wi-Fi lounges which offer additional space options in which to relax and entertain. In addition to the excellent outdoor entertainment options, residents can also enjoy breathtaking natural views included around the architecture. As reported by a New York Times article, "A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that human health and our ability to learn and create are enhanced when we spend time in more natural environments." Many of Hiles’ properties, like the Towers by the Park in Frisco, are situated next to scenic state parks. Complexes also often have easy access to pristine golf courses, nature trails, and private courtyards, all enhancing the freedom to live in a non-restricted environment. When residents wish to explore the world outside of their peaceful rental haven, there are plenty of excellent options to enjoy.

According the New York Times, “space, for most people, is the greatest luxury of all.” Marcus Hiles has certainly not overlooked the importance of this ultimate luxury. Hiles has strived to satisfy all of his residents’ needs since he launched his real estate business in 1990. His Western Rim Property Services company has won the National Resident Satisfaction Award in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015-- proving his dedication to providing housing excellence on all fronts. Hiles has spent over two decades building communities and now successfully manages over 15,000 rental townhomes and apartments in the state of Texas. With his careful residential planning and inclusion of green spaces, recreational areas, and sports facilities, Hiles continues to grow exceptional communities across Texas.

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