Marcus Hiles - Promotes Sustainable Development

Hiles’ Western Rim Property Services rental homes, townhomes and apartments include energy efficient features without sacrificing luxurious amenities.

Dallas news-featured real estate investor and CEO of Western Rims Property Services, Marcus Hiles asserts that building sustainable, environmentally responsible communities is his primary concern. “When I was in my twenties,” recalls Hiles, “I envisioned creating developments that were both beautiful and ecological. I am honored to have been able to bring my concept to fruition in cities across Texas.” By following his innovative passions, and combining inspiring designs with eco-friendly technologies, the business mogul has constructed attractive complexes that incorporate nature in a proven long term strategy.

Hiles’ rental homes, townhomes and apartments include energy efficient features without sacrificing luxurious amenities. The roof of each building is installed with highly reflective radiant barrier panels that can reduce heat transfer by up to 97 percent, and reduce indoor temperatures by 30 degrees. High-quality weather stripping and dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas and a solar heat gain coefficient of a minimum of 0.22 further assist in preventing heat loss. Indoors, every apartment is equipped with Energy Star rated appliances that not only reduce the resident’s carbon footprint, but also lower utility costs. For air conditioners, the industry standard is to install units with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 12 to 14, but Hiles insists that only units with SEER values of over 16 be used. As a result, residents across his 15,000 properties have lowered their carbon emissions by 32,000 tons, and accrued almost half a million dollars in savings.

Marcus Hiles’ Dallas communities are ecologically proactive, and each new complex strives to increase the tree canopy from its pre-developed state. In the past year alone, 2,500 trees have been planted in the creation of public and private parklands and preserves, with each absorbing an average of 48 pounds of carbon dioxide annually. Over the course of the initiative’s lifetime, over 30,000 trees have been rooted that remove 75 tons of carbon dioxide each year. One of Western Rim’s proudest achievements is a 44 acre park that contains century-old oak trees, a pond, stream, and Frisbee golf course. By focusing on integrating eco-conscious designs into Texas’ naturally beautiful landscape, Hiles is looking to the future, and ensuring affordable luxury living for generations to come.

Marcus Hiles’ companies include Western Rims Property Services, which he founded in 1990, and it affiliate, Newport Classic Homes. Both businesses strive to provide high-end rental options at affordable prices and to create impactful communities within each development. These stunning complexes pair private lakes, parks, vineyards and access to championship golf courses with unparalleled lifestyle amenities. In addition, Western Rims has been named a National Resident Satisfaction Award Winner by Satisfact, the leading authority on resident surveys and retention, for four years in a row. Apart from being Chairman and CEO, Hiles is an active philanthropist, and has donated over $2.5 million to public and private K-12 initiatives, after school programs, and career services.

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