Marcus Hiles - On The Significance Of Charitable Giving

Marcus Hiles' real estate and investment businesses often reach across development boundaries to give back to the community at large.

Known for his community-centric developments, residential property developer and investor, Marcus Hiles establishes annual grants to public and private K-12 education initiatives including new technology, after school programs, extra-curricular activities, and teacher training. He also has gifted 59 acres of land for wildlife habitats and green spaces, and has reduced carbon emissions by 283.2 million metric tons through eco-friendly building practices. In the philanthropic spirit that defines his business philosophy, Marcus Hiles' intuitive investments have not only built beautiful developments, they have created a network of social good, giving back in multiple ways.

Embracing the concept that where one lives directly influences health and well-being, Marcus Hiles' Dallas developments provide an integrated network of amenities that reinforce connections to both the community and to nature. Parks, vineyards, schools, recreational centers, and day spas elevate homes from typical housing to lifestyle living. Extensive work performed by Marcus Hines Dallas developments on public and private parks, lakes, streams, and green space, creates engaged, connected communities with high self-esteem and sense of achievement. Marcus Hiles' decision to underwrite $13 million in tree planting initiatives adds beauty to neighborhoods, with the broader effect of reducing energy demand and improving overall air quality. Of the commitment to respect the environment as well as the resident, Hiles confirms, “Our bold goal is to lessen carbon emissions by more than 500,000 metric tons over the next decade,” adding “In the process, we’ll deliver energy savings to our residents and create sustainable, livable communities.”

Marcus Hiles' real estate and investment businesses often reach across development boundaries to give back to the community at large. Delivering 200 new computers worth $100,000 in May of 2016 to inner city Texas children provided the necessary tools that will prepare them to advance their education and compete for jobs. Another $100,000 earmarked to assist economically disadvantaged women and children will lift hardships from their shoulders, enabling them to earn an education and set goals that inspire personal growth. Funding the construction of two large churches in the states of Texas and Massachusetts, his efforts encourage and facilitate spiritual growth.

The son of an inner-city minister, Marcus Hiles' Dallas initiatives reflect his compassion, commitment, and insight. A graduate of Pepperdine and Rice Universities, Marcus Hiles' companies manage more than 15,000 upscale residential rental townhomes and apartments in Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, Texas. His effort strengthens the length of the urban fabric across the state through affordable luxury developments, gifts, and initiatives. Fostering a corporate culture that promotes from within, his entrepreneurial style encourages a strong work ethic and loyal team, rewarding communities with jobs, amenities, healthy environments, and beautiful neighborhoods.

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