Marcus Hiles - Alerts Texas Renters Of The Urban Jungle

Marcus Hiles, CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services, notes that studies have found a distinct connection between a person’s environment and his or her well-being.

According to Dallas real estate developer and entrepreneur, Marcus Hiles, appearances can be deceiving, referring to urban living, which has a certain cachet when viewed through a lens that values vibrant nightlife and a thriving cultural scene. “People who rent apartments in the urban jungle are subjected to a variety of stresses not experienced by those in the suburbs,” he states. “Having too many people share the same space can create havoc.” Indeed, social scientists have correlated – on a block-by-block basis – an increase in population density with an increase in property and violent crimes. This is one reason why, advises Marcus Hiles, Dallas renters should look beyond the city itself – which has a population density of over 2,700 people per square mile – to find apartments and townhomes in neighborhoods with lower crime rates, highly rated schools, and room to breathe.

Hiles, CEO and Chairman of Western Rim Property Services, notes that studies have found a distinct connection between a person’s environment and his or her well-being. Even when all other factors are accounted for – such as income, marital status, and age – people who live in suburban or exurban neighborhoods are more satisfied with their lives than those who live in urban areas with higher population density. Decreased noise levels, better air quality, and other environmental amenities also increase contentment. These findings reinforce Hiles’ choices in selecting premium locations and building rental communities that foster residents’ happiness and welfare. According to Marcus Hiles, Dallas renters deserve nothing less, “Our goal is to create lifestyle amenities that provide hardworking people with a sanctuary.”

Developments by Hiles’ Western Rim offer features not found in the urban jungle. Lakeside communities highlight outdoor fireplaces, lounges, and fitness equipment, while others present resort-style swimming pools, off-leash dog parks, and open-air summer kitchens. Tranquil ponds, walking and jogging trails, on-site spas, and easy golf course access deliver a retreat-like environment to residents. Indoors, sound-absorbing insulation reduces noise to a whisper, spacious living areas provide ample room to entertain, and eco-friendly appliances and building techniques lower utility bills.

Hiles counsels renters in search of properties to pay attention to the amenities that will make a difference in their lives. “Families should focus on areas with top-notch school districts, while golfers can seek out developments near championship courses,” he advises. Hiles believes that everyone should search for communities that have easy access to bucolic beauty, such as greenbelts, parks, and preserves. Most importantly, prospective tenants should look beyond Dallas’ city limits to areas with lower population density.

Marcus Hiles, Dallas News regular and prominent Texas real estate developer, is the Founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services with a proven track record in anticipating housing trends and supplying affordable luxury apartment homes and townhouses to renters in the Lone Star State. Hiles’ community-oriented vision extends to his companies, where he commits to employees’ long-term security by nurturing professional development and rewarding mentorship. An avid philanthropist, Hiles gives generously to youth and environmental causes, and works to alleviate hardships for economically disadvantaged women.

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