Managed Print Services from Midshire Unveiled as The Ultimate Print and Copy Solution

Midshire Business Systems unveils a revolutionary new Managed Print Service that allows businesses to get on with the day to day running of their company while they manage print and copy.

Large businesses have large print and copy requirements and so they tend to spend a lot of time managing and sometimes consolidating their products.

Consolidation on such a scale means printers become copiers, copiers become fax machines and all throughout the company equipment loses its single-use status to be replaced with multifunctional machines with a whole range of jobs.

Having a printer on every desk is no longer cost effective when the amount of consumables required is factored in together with the electricity consumption and repair costs. It becomes far more efficient to have a central point for printing with a dedicated machine that can handle high quality, colour and speed all in one package.

This combined technology also has the benefit of being a single point of maintenance for a department, however it becomes difficult to manage when multiple departments start getting their own equipment and it starts breaking down.

It’s inevitable that machines like these will have the odd malfunction – they are incredibly complex beasts with toner, drums and fusers which each have a limited time span, but when they do break down they can cause disruption.

Midshire Business Systems have an ingenious solution with their Managed Print Service, a system which combines pro-active management with other services such as meter readings, planning engineer calls, ordering and purchasing of toner and so on. In fact, when a company is being managed by Midshire, all they need to do is just add paper.

Phil Powel of Midshire says, “We understand the difficulties businesses have when trying to manage their printer fleet in-house, so our MPS solution is designed to fit with even the most demanding company requirements.”

Indeed, when organisations grow to multiple offices and locations, managing complex equipment in-house can become very difficult indeed.

Phil added, “We can connect remotely to assess the health of the entire fleet and if something looks like it could go wrong, we can get there and fix it before it becomes a problem.”

Managed Print Services certainly does take the pressure off internal support departments and allows organisations do what they do best.

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