Mammoth Mug hits 1 million sales across Canada

Innovative sporting goods provider, Mammoth Mug Inc., sells more than 1 million units of their amazing water jug - Mammoth Mug

Mammoth Mug has continued to live to its reputation as "the best-selling water jug in the Canadian market," with over a million units of the innovative water jug sold every year. The mug is just one of the several products from the sporting goods company as Mammoth Mug Inc. continues to provide sports lovers and fitness enthusiasts with solutions to ease the process of achieving their goals.

There is increasing advocacy for people to stay fit and healthy, leading to millions of people across the globe hitting the gym or engaging in several activities to meet their fitness goals. Hydration is an extremely important part of keeping fit as the body easily loses body fluids that should be replenished as promptly as possible to keep the body going. Dehydration can increase blood viscosity, decrease central venous pressure, and reduce the amount of blood returning to the heart. While there are several water jugs available on the market, many of such products have not been able to meet the needs of users, particularly athletes and other such fitness enthusiasts. This is where Mammoth Mug Inc. has been able to make a huge difference with their water jug - Mammoth Mug.

The 2.5L water jug comes with several features that stand it out from the average sporting jug on the market. Manufactured in a quality-controlled/certified facility that specializes in water purification and water dispensers, the water portable jug is engraved scale on the side to track water intake with a built-in handle and reinforced grained structure for easy carriage. The Estrogenic Activity, Androgenic activity free, BPA-free and BPS-free jug has a leak-proof spider twist off shaker cap with a built-in rubber seal and has a wide mouth for easy drinking.

Mammoth Mug is versatile and can be used to carry fruit, protein, amino acids, and other compounds with ease and without any need for a funnel. The water jug is available in various designs and colours, including frosted pink, camo, gold, blue, black, and a host of others to meet the taste and preference of users.

The amazing features of the jug have helped to increase its popularity across Canada and is currently available in 500 stores, including Canada's largest sports store SportChek and National sports, as well as hundreds of supplement stores.

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