Make Neck Pressure a Thing of the Past with pi Strap, The World’s Most Comfortable Camera Strap

Live on Kickstarter, pi Strap converts from camera neck strap to holster to free neck pressure.

pi Strap, the revolutionary new camera accessory from Silence Corner that converts neck straps to holsters to relieve neck pressure, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Anyone that has ever had to carry a bulk DSLR style camera around their neck for more than a few minutes has found the bulky weight to be a drag. Whether amateur hobbyists or professional photographers; the problem they experience is all the same making for a sore and stiff neck at the end of a day of shooting. The pi Strap is a breakthrough new product that makes carrying a camera easier than ever before.

"If you’ve been hiking all day or taking pictures for your children, using the neck strap and carrying the camera for a long time, you will know how sore your neck is. We want to improve all of this,” says Silence Corner CEO Jimi Lin on the inspiration behind the project. “Through non-stopping research, development and testing (plus countless coffee and tea), we employed the most intuitive way to free your neck in only two seconds. I won’t say it’s a magic strap, Because it can do more than magic”

The pi Strap is a fast and comfortable solution; simply pull out the strap and insert hands through the loops. Rather than the weight being concentrated around the neck, it can be evenly distributed thanks to an innovative mount harness design. The pi Strap features:

• Adjustable strap length
• Lycra cloth pad for a soft touch and feel
• The same function but half the size and weight of a traditional holster
• Total weight 155g making for a perfectly balanced carry

In addition to the flagship pi Strap, Silence Corner is also releasing two additional products on Kickstarter that work in tandem with pi Strap. The first is the magnetic quick release buckle “SQUID” which allows for one-handed release and attachment of the camera to the pi Strap. The second is the multifunctional quick release mount “Manta Mount” which allows users to quickly and easily mount their camera on them. Together, the 3 accessories make for the ultimate dream gear for any photographer.

“pi Strap is a convertible camera strap like you have never seen before— it can travel with you and your camera anywhere in the world without feeling uncomfortable at all. Through the patented design, we have perfectly solved the shortcomings of the camera neck strap. This is an unprecedented product on the market,” adds Design Director Jimmy Lai. “The pi Strap looks like a traditional neck strap, but it can provide the same comfortable experience as a double shoulder strap or holster, but with a lighter weight.”

pi Strap is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

About Silence Corner

Silence Corner was founded by a mechanical engineer who loves photography. We hope that our products can make your gadget minimal and will be the most reliable tool in your hand. We have created an amazing solution, but we look to you to help make our dreams a reality.

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