Major funds invest in KKcoin – How a dark horse exchange differentiates in a hyper-competitive industry

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KKcoin was jointly invested by four major institutions: DFund, Node Capital, INBlockchain and LinkVC – what exactly attracted the attention of these top funds? The author interviewed the KKcoin team to uncover the appeal of this trading platform.

KKcoin was jointly invested by four major institutions: DFund, Node Capital, INBlockchain and LinkVC – what exactly attracted the attention of these top funds? The author interviewed the KKcoin team to uncover the appeal of this trading platform.

Professional, Steady and Innovative.

KKcoin Business Director, Stephen, left a deep impression with a crisp statement during our first meeting: A professional team driven by continuous product innovation around user’s needs, prioritizing the steady development of platform technology.

Stephen said: "KKcoin developed our very own product unique amongst trading platforms, allowing us to stand out from others. At present, the industry is extremely competitive with thousands of exchanges globally, so we chose product innovation to breakout from the rest. Till date, there are only a couple of platforms that provide margin trading with several modeling after Bitmex. What we have done is to create an all-new proprietary trading mechanism via “Perpetual Contracts” which received great feedback from traders. In the midst of our development, we have also attracted some media attention and hope to become one of the few bright spots in this year's bear market."

Focus on user experience with 24/7 customer service

The KKcoin team understands that user experience is key as they develop an innovative product core. “Our customer service team receives many valuable ideas and suggestions each day. Since our users originate from all over the world, including North America, Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, China, South America, etc., We aim to provide users with 24/7 hours of online customer service. The KKcoin team attaches great importance to each feedback and makes timely adjustments accordingly, so that users relate better with our product.” Stephen emphasized, “Our team is clearly aware that the trading experience of cryptocurrency is a far cry from that of traditional exchanges. KKcoin strives to those standards with a professional interface, seamless operation and innovative trading products."

Indeed, after trading with KKcoin's Perpetual Contracts, its simplicity and flexible trading model stood out, testifying of their user-centric product design. Experienced traders understand that many margin trading platforms have problems such as account bust, unfair loss-sharing mechanisms, and high interest rates. With years of experience and expertise in the financial industry, KKcoin overcomes these problems with Perpetual Contracts effectively, protecting the interests of investors. For example, price limits prevent market manipulation leading to account bust, while position limits prevent excessive speculation. Features such as no expiration date, no funding rate, no societal loss greatly enhance user trading experience. Further, KKcoin has one of the most competitive transaction fees in the market, up to -0.05% (negative) which allows traders to profit when they provide liquidity to the market (as Makers).

Safety and Security as a key priority for KKcoin

In addition to user experience, KKcoin commits significant effort to account security. "The KKcoin tech team has many core members from world-class companies such as Google, PayPal, and Alibaba which stands for the security and stability of our trading platform. KKcoin users have access to dual layer password verification, security authentication, anti-phishing measures etc. to protect accounts. On our end, we formed a partnership with a well-known security company and implemented measures such as encrypted transmission, account data desensitization storage and anomaly detection to ensure safety of investor assets."

Stephen believes: "If we provide industry-leading products and ensure security of digital assets, KKcoin will naturally earn the trust of investors along with the growing influence of the blockchain. With Binance at the pinnacle of the crypto-crypto trading field, KKcoin will strive to become the best platform for margin trading."

KKcoin’s rapid growth

According to rankings in the Chinese equivalent of CoinMarketCap (, KKcoin is ranked TOP25 in overall exchanges, and TOP5 for exchanges with margin trading. KKcoin has already become one of the most influential trading platforms in Southeast Asia. Benefiting from Singapore Government’s open policy towards the blockchain industry, KKcoin has made continuous progress since its inception. From team building, fund raising, product optimization, the team raced against time. “The development of blockchain changes with each passing day. We endeavor to make products better to satisfy the needs of users through continuous iteration, withstanding the test of the market.”

The bear market presents both challenges and opportunities for KKcoin. For them, the current situation is opportune to develop and differentiate from the competition. KKcoin works hard to bring innovative and high-quality products so that the company can come out on top when the next bull market arrives. Therefore, even in a bear market, they are committed to aggressive expansion. “Startups have to be fast while making great products. For Perpetual Contracts, we benchmarked them against Bitmex and OKex and found it to be better – however, it will take some time to exceed those exchanges in terms of the scale. That motivates us to work harder to challenge greater possibilities."

KKcoin: Only the innovative, fair and mutually beneficial trading platforms can last

As an objective and neutral third-party trading platform focused on providing an open and fair trading service, KKcoin hopes to help users seize opportunities of the blockchain industry.

At the end of the interview, the author was deeply impressed by KKcoin's belief in blockchain technology and dedication to their development of the trading platform. As Stephen mentioned, KKcoin has already developed a long-term plan and are prepared for competition over the long haul. Product innovation will remain key to guarantee future success in this hyper competitive industry.

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