Majestic Launches Premium Leather Conditioner & Cleaner On Amazon.Com

Amazon shoppers and leather owners rejoice: From fine leather bags and boots to sweet leather gloves and car seats — Majestic has just released the leather cleaner and conditioner that will revive and restore any beloved item.

Boston, MA – Like royalty. That's what Majestic says is how leather should be treated. And owners of leather-made items of all sorts can now actually do so with the brand's recently released leather cleaner and conditioner. The leather restorer has just been launched on and it is currently receiving rave reviews from buyers. With comments ranging from “brought my leather back to life” to “like magic,” it is looking like Majestic's leather cleaner and conditioner has been delivering quite the royal treatment to every leather-made item.

Majestic's leather conditioner and cleaner works well for items such as gloves, skirts, purses, wallets, shoes, boots, furniture, cars, harnesses, baseball mitts, and even holsters. It doesn't only work strictly on genuine leather but it can also be applied to synthetic, vinyl, bonded, exotic, and distressed leather.

The leather restorer can harmlessly get rid of stains, dirt, and grime. It's safe for leather-made items because Majestic has come up with a proprietary blend using quality ingredients that are also 100 percent eco-friendly. One of its ingredients is the neatsfoot oil, which has actually been used for hundreds of years to soften and condition leather goods. The oil, incidentally, is made from the rendered shin bones and feet of cattle. So there are no harsh solvents in each bottle to damage, for example, leather sofas, distressed leather boots, or fine leather car seats.

According to Majestic, its leather cleaner “rejuvenates and balances PH levels from natural alkalinity and has UV inhibitors to protect from drying, cracking, and fading.” Majestic also adds, “Having the highest quality ingredients means that your leather will not have a chemical sickly feel and look caused by cheap and artificial ingredients.”

Aside from the eco-friendly ingredients and gentle yet effective formulation, Majestic's leather restorer has also been made for easy application. Users need only to test the product onto a small area before using the entire item.

Majestic knows that its new premium leather restorer works exceedingly well that it is even offering a money-back guarantee to unsatisfied shoppers. Majestic leather cleaner and conditioner is made in the USA.

Purchasing leather-made goods and going with an all-leather interior for cars is an investment in quality. But this investment has to be taken care of or it will fall into disrepair. With Majestic's newest premium leather restorer, that quality may well be revived, restored, and protected.

Majestic was just released at the beginning of Feburary and is currently available exclusively on To find out more and learn how others are rating this product, consumer reviews are available at Amazon Reviews.

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