MainBreak Media Kicks Off A Content Creation Campaign

Content continues to increase in importance in the eyes of search engines, so small businesses need to make fresh and relevant content a priority, reports

Fifty five percent of business to business marketers report they don't understand what content marketing success is or when their plan is effective, according to Content Marketing Institute. This is of concern, as 47 percent of buyers state they viewed three to five separate pieces of content before they engaged with a sales representative, as reported by Demand Gen Report, and 96 percent state they would like more content coming from industry thought leaders. Companies need to take note of this information and ensure they have a solid content creation plan in place to obtain the best return on their marketing dollars.

"Search engines continually update their algorithms to better meet the needs of their users, and content continues to grow in importance to these formulas. Unfortunately, this means that what search engines prioritize when ranking a site constantly changes, and small business owners may find it hard to keep up and ensure their site stays at the top of search engines' results. MainBreak Media ( can be of help with this," Henry Stankiewicz, spokesperson for the company, explains.

Blogs are of great importance to an overall marketing strategy, as ten percent of blog posts witness an increase in organic searches over time. In fact, they now make up 38 percent of overall traffic. Multiple blog posts in a single month also help to boost traffic, as a company that publishes 16 or more blog posts each month will find their traffic increases by 350% or greater.

"Every company needs a content strategy in place, one that takes figures such as these into account. Sadly, many businesses fail to recognize this and don't capitalize on the money they are spending to market their business. This needs to change in 2017, if a business wishes to succeed," Stankiewicz continues.

Content creation is only one element of marketing, however. Companies also need to look at their social media presence, their web design, branding and more. A comprehensive approach is now needed to ensure a brand gets the exposure they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

"Visit today to learn more about how we can be of assistance to you. Whether you need help with your entire website or want a single blog article, our staff can be of assistance. All you need to do is ask. While on the site, be sure to check out our other services as well. We strive to support you in any way we can," Stankiewicz states.

About MainBreak Media:

Established as a result of the increasing need for small business consulting, marketing, web and SEO services in and around Monmouth County, NJ, MainBreak Media offers support to small business owners that have a lot on their plate with regards to providing their service or bringing a product to market. Staff members at MainBreak assist with the processes and procedures that should be high priority, yet very rarely are.

Made up of a core team of dedicated professionals from the entertainment, marketing and design industries, MainBreak Media creates complex strategies that leverage a multi-media approach to marketing. They attack multiple touch points to build brand recognition and facilitate brand loyalty, both of great importance to a company's success. Marketing tends to be difficult, time consuming, and expensive when done incorrectly. Leave the heavy lifting to MainBreak Media, a company ready to assist with a full website or a single blog article, depending on the needs of the client.

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