Magic Strips Wins Three International Prizes at the International Academic Forum for Medical Cosmetology

The International Academic Forum for Medical Cosmetology, held by the Asia Medical Aesthetic Awards (AMAEA) in Seoul, Korea, officially commenced a few days ago.

The International Academic Forum for Medical Cosmetology, held by the Asia Medical Aesthetic Awards (AMAEA) in Seoul, Korea, officially commenced a few days ago. Known as the “Oscars” of the beauty industry, AMAEA is Asia’s international academic organization for academic exchange in medical cosmetology. It already has over 500,000 members from across 18 countries and regions, and it is generally acknowledged as Asia’s premier medical cosmetology society.

Shixing Ruan, the “father” of Magic Strips, happened to be on the invite list of industry elites from over 20 countries.
Since the beginning, we have paid attention to Ruan for good reason. Upon hitting the market in 2017, Magic Strips — an anti-aging product — reshuffled the beauty industry. In the past two years its unsurpassed ability to remove wrinkles has seen it rise to prominence among the many big international brands. This has given countless beauty seekers across the globe access to non-surgical, non-invasive needle-free wrinkle removal.

It is worth mentioning, however, that the Magic Strips family won the “Best International Anti-Aging Product of 2019,” the “International Anti-Aging Product with the Most Potential” and the “International Beauty Industry Breakthrough Contribution Award” (individual) at this academic forum.

The popularity of medical cosmetology is no greater than in Korea. Thus, the reason that Magic Strips so handily received such significant anti-aging awards in Korea is due to Magic Strips’ patented technology for condensed equa microcrystals, its matrix of elastic fiber and its ergonomic design.

Everybody knows that if you want to truly eliminate wrinkles you have to resort to plastic surgery. But many people are unable to tolerate such procedures. Magic Strips, on the other hand, allow all beauty seekers to soften wrinkles via the easy external application of a face mask. This is a first in the history of anti-aging.

Magic Strips provide lifting and stretching forces in six directions. When applied, they equally and precisely provide the skin with elastic stretch support that restricts the movement of the skin and its underlying muscles. They also reduce the wavelike folds and compressions caused by facial expressions, thereby rapidly returning wrinkled skin back to its original state.

This anti-aging technique based on external force effectively and noticeably softens wrinkles on the very first use.

Among Magic Strips users, some felt aging-related anxiety over their wrinkles, others felt despair over plastic surgeries gone wrong, and some felt dejected from having failed to find love due to their unsatisfactory looks. Magic Strips, however, provided these users with the most economical and safest method to regain their youthful appearances. As far as they were concerned, Magic Strips provided them not only with a method for anti-aging, but also beauty and hope.

It is common knowledge that AMAEA is known as the “Oscars” of the beauty industry. In addition, the three aforementioned awards contain a large amount of gold and are broadly recognized worldwide. That Magic Strips received this special recognition is indicative of its position and clout in the anti-aging community, and it has thus been named as “history’s most innovative anti-aging product.”

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