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Magenest is the one-stop destination that provides excellent capabilities in customizing eCommerce solutions on Magento and other famous eCommerce platforms. From B2B & B2C consultancy, system integration to auditing, optimization, maintenance and cloud infrastructure solutions, Magenest team is honored to support and boost clients' websites as well as business expansion. It is a dedicated team of solution specialists, developers, and designers with the knowledge of exceptional quality and creativity that provide outstanding eCommerce solutions, ERP, CRM and cloud computing solutions. The team is certified and consistently trained to build knowledge and skills to offer matchless answers to companies seeking eCommerce solutions. The company has more than six years of experience on full-scale eCommerce projects with international clients. With its transparent, agile, and result-oriented work methodology, the company’s clients can easily access their work management platform to keep up with the progress of their projects while still maintaining their websites and their businesses running.

Nevertheless, digital transformation is not just about having a better eCommerce website. For huge companies and organizations, digital transformation can offer much more: it can bring their visions to reality. Old planning and managing procedures have gone out of date in this fast-paced world nowadays, so elite brands are putting resources in technology like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and customer relationship management (CRM) software. These types of software solutions are the key to success since businesses now have to solve thousands of orders per day, while managing a large number of staff who are (likely) not working in one same office. In order to possess the capabilities of handling those difficult tasks, the ERP and CRM software are not that easy to use for many people. However, Magenest is to help. While delivering eCommerce solutions, Magenest also offers ERP and CRM solutions to businesses in need. The company has implemented numerous ERP and CRM solutions for international clients, and all projects receive positive feedback from the clients, as their businesses operate much better after the implementations.

Yet, another issue will arise when businesses have great websites and smoothly functioning ERP and CRM systems: the need to scale up. More traffic, orders, and customers will come to businesses with excellent digital implementations and usage. That is pleasing news to all merchants, but on the other hand, your system might not be designed to handle much larger amounts of traffic, orders, and customers. Investment for system and infrastructure upgrades is always a huge sum, so a cloud hosting solution can be an ideal answer. As a proud partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magenest provides the cloud hosting services of AWS for businesses in need. With AWS, companies can not only save money for system and infrastructure upgrades, but they also only need to pay for the amount of cloud computing and data they use. The pay-as-you-go basis of AWS helps all of its customers saving up the cost as much as possible, and Magenest is here to help businesses implementing the AWS as fast and smoothly as possible.

The company believes each project is an excellent opportunity to modify its solutions and provide real value to its clients.
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About the Company: Magenest is a renowned company providing excellent eCommerce solutions, ERP and CRM systems and cloud hosting-computing solutions.

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