MAG4 Is Announced As The Ultimate Protective Glass System

MAG4 is a forced entry and blast resistant framed glass system that can be used to insulate people from anything from bombs to floods. It has been hailed as the ultimate protective glass system.

Glass is everywhere everyone look these days, and with the introduction of curved gorilla glass to the mobile market, glass is going to be found in more places than ever before, from phones to buildings. This can have significant downsides however, as in the event of attacks or explosions glass shatters and causes the majority of injuries and deaths.

MAG4 is a revolutionary protective glass system that is looking to become the industry leader in protective glass. MAG4 blast resistant glass systems are designed not to shatter, and in fact helps contain a blast, protecting more people than other forms of defense. The frame/glass structure is so strong and versatile that it can even act as a highly watertight flood defense system.

A spokesperson for MAG 4 explained, “MAG4 is the ultimate protection system, and applying our blast proof glass to preservation in the form of flood defenses is a great way to retain the visual aesthetic of an area while at the same time stopping flood waters in their tracks and protecting valuable homes, offices or historical sites. Our framed glass system is can be used everywhere where individuals are at risk from attack, from banks to psychiatric wards to prisons, and is unparalleled in its security provision. We ensure all our materials pass the most extreme tests to ensure that it won’t let you down when you need it.”

The MAG4 system is ready to be used in detention centers, police stations, prisons and court houses, but is also suitable for private sector facilities like banks, and in mental health environments. Protective and secure glass is in more demand now than ever before, as offices and buildings make greater use of glass in their architecture.

About MAG4:
The MAG4 glazing security system is a completely integrated and tuned frame and glass system, which protects against high level bomb blast, break-in, and bullet attack. The system can also be applied to prevent unwanted intrusions and even as flood barriers to protect from natural disasters. Manufactured to be similar in appearance to conventional windows and curtain walling, the visual area can be clear, opaque, tinted for solar control and/or graffiti resistant.

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