Macuahuitl From Aztec Style Brings An Ancient Weapon Back To Life With A Difference

Macuahuitls were used in ancient times by the Aztecs as a weapon to kill and knock people unconscious who would then be taken to be sacrificed. Aztec Style is now bringing that weapon to modern times.

Aztec Style is bringing macuahuitls back to life, but this time with a modern twist. The new styles of macuahuitls can be purchased online and range from what was traditionally used by the Aztecs to ones with a more modern design. Macuahuitls are an ancient weapon enthusiast’s dream come true mainly because of how it was used and the significance it held in ancient times.

The macuahuitls are often referred to as the “obsidian chainsaw” because it does look a lot like a saw. However, unlike a modern saw, the weapon was made from wood, which is where the name comes from, which means “hand-wood” in the Nahuatl language. The wood of choice would be pine club or oak, around four feet in length with a narrow handle that opens up into a wide rectangle cricket bat-like shape with protruding blades on the sides.

The macuahuitls were so efficient at decapitating and maiming enemies that the Spanish allowed the Indian auxiliaries to use the weapons. While the weapon was never really forgotten, its existence has been rare. Many weapons enthusiasts long for being able to collect a weapon like the macuahuitls, and Aztec Style is making their wishes come true.

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"We currently have many different styles or variations, if you may, of the macuahuitls. The Elite Guard macuahuitls, Avenger macuahuitls, and Marauder class macuahuitls are amongst the most popular ones. Not only are these designed to be just like the originals in terms of size and weight, but we’ve designed them to be more attractive. The designs are something that will even lure people who aren’t necessarily weapons enthusiasts.” Said the spokesperson for Aztec Style.

He went on to say, “We are planning several new styles and welcome feedback from our clients. So, if you have an idea, we’ll love to hear from you.”

The macuahuitls can now be purchased online from Aztec Style’s website, and are delivered to your home.

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