M2M technology (2017-2022) Top 5 fast growing countries with Investment Opportunities

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Machine to Machine (M2M) incorporates technologies that allow two types of systems of communications - wired and wireless systems - for communication with other devices of similar configuration.


M2M is considered to be a very integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and has a wide range of applications in areas on automation and transportation, logistics, utilities, smart grids, smart cities etc. The technology can connect an array of devices like vending machines, heart monitors, irons, trucks and nearly every other product that can report device-specific information back to other devices. The purpose is primarily for monitoring and control purposes.

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M2M solutions are simple, consist of sensors and other types of monitoring devices that can record activities and changes, and send this captured data via an IP network (LAN, WAN or Hybrid) which in turn performs an analysis of the data and takes necessary actions. It is for the same reason that the future of the M2M technology can largely be determined by the success of the Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6).

The market that has witnessed substantial growth in the last few years especially in the developing countries of APAC and Latin America, can be attributed to a number of reasons such as the rise of cloud computing and the large scale adoption of the smart phone technology, the conducive regulatory mandates and policies, and the availability of the 2G/3G spectrum. The Market growing globally at 25% CAGR shows maximum promise in China, India and Australia in the APAC region and Spain and Brazil in the Latin America region. The technology also has some restrictions. The lack of industry standards, the high amount of initial investment, the lack of technical skills needed for the usage of the technology are some of them. With the advent of 4G and 5G, the technology sees immense opportunities in application in more industries and the evolution of the cloud technology.

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M2M can be segmented on the basis of component (Communications, sensors, RFID, Memory, Actuators, Processors and Power system), technology (2G/3G, Ethernet, Power Line Communication, Zigbee, Wifi and Others) and vertical. The Zigbee is the most popular segment due to its low cost, optimum power consumption and time-saving features.

The Asia Pacific market is one of the fastest growing markets in this sector. However, there are some trends being observed in the region. The demand though growing rapidly is seeing an unequal growth in the region. Also, the service providers are attempting to fortify the vertical market and are more profit-centric. Top 3 companies in China, India Australia, Brazil and Spain: their company profiles, products and services, business strategies, financials etc. have been enlisted as part of the report.

Latin America is another region showing high CAGR in the technology with Brazil occupying the largest market share of more than two-third the total. However, the market, which is in the process of maturing, will improve only with a rise in the adoption of the technology. The components required to adopt the technology are, high-quality broadband connection, mobile internet access, cloud services and Big Data processing infrastructure.

It can be concluded that if a healthy and conducive ecosystem fails to develop in the developing nations, the M2M provision will only remain as a long term opportunity.

What the report offers

The study highlights the Global M2M market scenario and predicts the growth of the market with details of the growth pattern, market trends, drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges, governmental regulation and policies associated, future forecasts etc. of the region. The market has also been segmented on the basis of Component, Technology and Vertical for a better understanding of the shares and revenues. Additionally, the report talks of the economic condition of the sector with a financial overview of the Top Five emerging companies showing maximum promise and implications of growth.

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