Luxury Drug Rehab Center, The 'Ohana Retreat in Hawaii, Enables Recovering Addicts To Achieve Lasting Sobriety

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The 'Ohana Retreat, LLC in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, provides inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to help people kick addictions and maintain sobriety. This luxury facility runs a unique program for professionals who wish to undergo rehab while continuing to work remotely.

According to announcements released by The 'Ohana Retreat, this luxury drug rehab center on Big Island in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii runs deaddiction programs that provide recovering addicts with the right kind of support in a comfortable environment to get back their health and sobriety, and reclaim their place in society.

The transitional living facility at The ‘Ohana Retreat, LLC is an excellent location to regain one’s health and vitality in commune with nature, away from the stresses and enticements that are difficult to counter otherwise. Beautiful ocean views, cool breezes blowing in from the Pacific Ocean, orchards of tropical fruit, tender sunsets, and the opportunity to stroll on the Magic Sands beach are just some of the features of this luxury retreat spread over more than five acres.

A large private pool, well-appointed rooms with 12ft – 14ft ceilings, and delectable, healthy dishes prepared in a gourmet kitchen are excellent reasons to choose The ‘Ohana Retreat for a comprehensive recovery from addiction.

Working professionals who wish to undergo treatment and continue working can easily do so at this deaddiction center. The 'Ohana, individuals can work remotely and maintain an inflow of income while recouping their physical and mental health under trained experts' supervision and guidance.

The intensive outpatient program at the facility engenders mindfulness in the patient and encourages the subject to consider the whys and wherefores related to the addiction. This results in much-needed clarity, which shields the issue from stimuli to which a vulnerability may have existed earlier.

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The ‘Ohana Retreat, LLC said, “The facility is the only world-class intensive outpatient center and integrated sober living facility for the treatment of substance abuse on the Island of Hawaii. We are therapeutic, a trauma-informed haven centered on spirituality— acclaimed by patients, physicians, carriers, and employees who seek long-term results for their patients.

Our vision is achieved through our commitment to excellence in service, trauma-informed care, employee development, ethical and fair treatment of all, and tools for maintaining long-term sobriety, compassion, and innovative therapeutic techniques. Set amidst the peaceful Hawaiian landscape, patients explore attachment traumas, find long-term recovery, explore spirituality, and participate in adventures across the island in a safe and therapeutic environment that prevents chronic relapse.”

On holistic treatment and adventure therapies provided at the center, The ‘Ohana said, “The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center’s Holistic Therapy Program features a personalized, non-medical approach for addiction recovery. Our Holistic program treats physical and mental addiction symptoms and emotional and nutritional imbalances and makes up a small part of our entire program. Lack of sleep, poor diet, and emotional stress are all potential obstacles holistic therapy helps our clients treat.

Adventure activities on offer through the retreat encourage mind-body wellness. These include ziplining, snorkeling, hiking, swimming, and visiting a national park. The breathtaking Hawaiian landscapes and waterscapes enable recovering addicts to rediscover the joys of a healthful lifestyle, and keep them away from thoughts and triggers that stimulate the need for addictive substances.”

About the Company:

The ‘Ohana Retreat, LLC is a luxury drug rehab center in Hawaii. The facility is acclaimed for providing long-term freedom from substance abuse through treatment centered on spirituality. Through trauma-informed care, the retreat enables recovering addicts to achieve sobriety, regain vitality, and rediscover their life purpose.

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Organization: The ‘Ohana Retreat, LLC
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Name: Elliott
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Organization: The ‘Ohana Retreat, LLC
Address: 75-5915 Walua Road, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740