Luxura Announces They Are Now Offering Wholesale Bedding to Customers

The wholesale bedding allows customers to buy large quantities at discounted prices to save more, reports

Luxura, a bedding company in the United Kingdom, announces they are now offering wholesale bedding to companies. Individuals working in interior design, hospitals, care home and hotels find they can obtain the high quality merchandise currently offered to retail customers at a great price. Sleep is of great importance, as a lack of sleep has been shown to contribute to the development of certain medical conditions, such as Alzheimer's Disease. Make certain patrons receive a good night's sleep with the help of the products offered through Luxura.

"Beds break down over time. In fact, the Furniture Industry Research Association published information in 2011 concerning the deterioration of mattresses. During this study, it was found that a mattress can deteriorate by as much as 70 percent in the ten years after it was purchased. Often, this breakdown occurs in less time, thus companies need to replace them regularly. If this is not possible for any reason, mattress toppers ( can be of help in providing a better night's sleep," Adam Kay, spokesperson for Luxura, states.

Numerous things contribute to the breakdown of a mattress. People often blame the deterioration of the mattress on body weight and movement. However, dead skin cells, sweat and other materials produced by the human body add to this problem. An easy way to slow the decomposition of the mattress is to make use of a mattress protector.

"Mattress protectors ( keep bacteria from taking up residence in the mattress. Furthermore, they help individuals who suffer from allergies, as they prevent microscopic pests from making their way into their bedding. Finally, a mattress protector is of great benefit when a person gets ill. It prevents any germs from making their way into the fibers where they can keep the person ill for a longer period of time," Kay goes on to say.

Obviously, the appearance of the bed is important to most. For this reason, Luxura is now offering goose feather and down duvets ( to wholesale customers at great prices. These duvets brighten up a room and leave the user with a warm and welcoming feeling.

"Visit Luxura today to see the range of products offered to retail and wholesale customers. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter, like Luxura on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Doing so gives you access to voucher codes and deals not available to the general public. We can't wait to help you find the bedding products that fit your life," Kay declares.

About Luxura:

Luxura, a Denton, Manchester, UK company, offers an extensive range of high quality bedding and bed linen to consumers and has done so for more than a quarter century now. With the expansion of their product lineup to include wholesale bedding, the company now caters to a wider range of customers, and Luxura offers outlets on eBay and Amazon for those who are more comfortable dealing with these familiar ecommerce platforms.

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