LuvLinx is a New App Launching on Indiegogo that Hopes to Take the Guesswork out of Relationships

The new LuvLinx mobile application crowdfunding campaign launched on November 24th. The app applies algorithms to develop targeted Love Style maps for users to share with loved ones. The app will then track the strength of the relationship and make users feel loved and happy.

Relationships have always been more valued than any other material resource. People will go to great lengths to gain the love and respect of others, whether it is their parent or someone they wish to have a romantic relationship with. Poets and storytellers, musicians and artists—all provide the historical context and certainty that this is a singular part of the human condition. It is also part of the human experience to lose love or never engender it due to misunderstanding and miscommunication. LuvLinx is a new app for the phone whose goal it is to remove that misunderstanding and develop the type of communication between two people that will create the type of relationship experience they truly desire.

“So much is lost to not understanding what the person we love values,” says app creator Kevin Earle, “and not knowing how to communicate with that person in a way that they will respond to and enjoy. The difference between what we've produced and what other relationship apps that developers are producing is that ours is intended to be of real help to people. We have built thousands of requirements into this app so that we can create something that is uniquely personal, and capable of charting who the individual is and what he or she will respond to so that this is actually an effective application versus a 'game' app.”

The app takes the relevant personal information that the user keys in and creates a profile and “love style” that others can use to develop plans on how to engage that person in a way that they feel cared for and loved. So whether it is a wife, child, or parent the user knows exactly how they are communicating with that person and whether the communication is an effective one.

“A good friend of my family told me once that she had never heard her father say that he loved her,” says Earle. “Pretty familiar refrain for a lot of people. Naturally, this hurt her. Over time she came to understand that he showed his love to her in far different ways than she’d realized or needed—their interactions were insufficient. We want to educate people so that they know and understand what they can do to make the people they love, feel loved and happy.”

The campaign is now on Indiegogo where they hope to raise enough money to put the app onto both Android and iOS markets. For more information visit:

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Kevin Earle – Creator/CEO
Hillary Earle – Chief Marketing Officer
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About Us: Soterion Enterprises is a private New York registered company that is developing and strategizing on mobile applications to be brought to the market. The LuvLinx application is their first crowdfunding effort.

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