LumiTea Website ( Launch Of Tea And Related Products

LumiTea Website ( offers a selection of organic natural teas for weight loss and body cleanse. The product line also includes teaware.

LumiTea Website ( is pleased to announce that they have launched a web home and product line which is useful for weight loss and body cleanse. The quality organic natural tea is suitable for detoxification, energy enhancement and increased metabolism. Teaware which helps to enhance the tea-drinking experience is also available on the website. Tea infusers and tea tumblers are examples of the tea ware items in the catalog.

A spokesperson for the LumiTea Website team explains, “We are a dedicated team of tea gurus, and have traveled the world to discover and bring together some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet, brewing them into six power blends. The health benefits instilled by these all-natural tea detox blends are borderline magical.”

He continues, “The tea is able to reduce hunger for weight management, detoxify and cleanse the colon, give long-lasting energy, block fat absorption, increase metabolism and detoxify the liver.”

LumiBlends are available in combinations, including Boost, Calm, Colon, Revive, Rise and Skinny. Each of these blends can be used for the specific purposes which is indicated by the name. They are also used for the enjoyment of sitting down with a beverage and appreciation of the taste.

LumiTea Revive, for instance, use the power of great tea to look and feel younger and healthier. Revive's anti-aging supplements blending in an all-natural formula. The blend is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It is helpful for improving skin, immunity, inflammation, digestion, eyesight, cardiovascular system and glycemic control.

LumiTea Rise is a metabolism booster and a natural blend which helps users get ready for the day's energy needs. The blend provides long-lasting energy and improves mental clarity. The ability to increase concentration and improve blood circulation, as well as the boost to the immune system are all benefits which users claim for the blends.

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