Lucky Unicorn Launches A Trading and Gaming Platform Jointly Owned by Players

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Launching the Multi trading and fighting gaming layers platform

The Lucky Unicorn team has just launched a blockchain-based trading and fighting game platform. According to the company, unlike most platforms that are owned and run by their creators, Lucky Unicorn is partly owned and run by players.

The platform’s creator explained that they got the inspiration for this trading and gaming platform from popular games such as horse racing games, Pokémon, and several character development games.

While using the platform, you can perform several unicorn-related activities such as collecting, raising, battling, and trading unicorns.

3 Levels Of Gaming

The Lucky Unicorns creators offer three gaming levels. These are Common, Rare, and Legendary. On these levels, you can play with a variety of unicorn breeds such as ponies, dark brown horses, winged horsed, short-legged unicorns, and iron horses.

If you desire, you can choose from the over 300 equipment sets and skins to customize your unicorns by choosing features such as tail color, name color, claws, wings, horns, and others.

Thanks to the customization feature, you can create unique unicorns with special attributes that will increase their market values whenever you wish to sell them off. You can also earn the Unicorn token when you use your unicorn to fight with other players.

The Lucky Unicorn creators encourage players who are interested in collecting tokens to visit the Game Mechanism section of their website. Interested parties can use these non-fungible token (NFT) unicorns to participate in different battles such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, and 5v5. If you are the winning team, you earn the bet amount.

The creators explained further that the amount of tokens won is dependent on the agreement between the battling teams before the challenge kicks off.

According to the Lucky Unicorns team, “Our mission is to bring NFT closer to the public and help people have a positive perspective about the blockchain world as it is a future technology that everyone should be aware of.”

L99 Token – Public Sales

Speaking further on the Lucky Unicorn, the team explained that the Lucky Unicorn Token, code-named L99, has a total supply of 1 billion tokens while only 220,000,000 tokens are circulated through Private Sales to an exclusive group of invited parties and Public Sales, open to the general public through centralized exchanges.

The founding team allocated the remaining tokens to other parts of the game while it locks 14% of the total token supply in a linear release contract.

When the team releases the Public Sales offering, the locked portion of the token will be unlocked. Hence, 5% of the total supply will be allocated to the Private Sales participants while a whopping 35% goes to in-game gifts and rewards.

An additional 20% is dedicated to Liquidity Fund while 17% goes for the Public Sales round. Technology Development and Optimization Fun or Advisor Fund take 3% of the total tokens.

The team has divided the private sales into two options. Dedicated players who wish to be part of the project from the beginning and see it grow can take advantage of the first option and purchase the token for 0.000016 BNB while players who want to play the games as early as possible after launching can purchase the token for 0.00002.

The team has revealed further that Lucky Unicorn will go public on major central exchanges at the next stage of the project’s roadmap.

On a final note, the Lucky Unicorn creators explained that they will open the sales to the public from mid-September 2021. According to them, “Lucky Unicorn (L99) can be purchased through decentralized exchanges in the form of Swap, preferably with pairs L99/BNB, L99/CAKE, L99/USDT and L99/BUSD. While there is no direct fiat purchase option for L99, players can buy BNB with fiat - which can then be exchanged for L99 on supported exchanges.”

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Name: Benjamin Tang
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