Loya & Associates Launches Important New Workplace Hazard Awareness Campaign

New initiative will help to educate workers and employees about the dangers posed by workplace fires and electricity, Loya & Associates reports

Loya & Associates, one of the state's leading legal practices, kicked off a new campaign focusing on fire and electrical hazards in the workplace. With petroleum extraction and refining being a key part of Texas's economy, thousands of workers every year fall prey to these dangers while on the job, and the new Loya & Associates initiative is meant to spread awareness of this important issue. With offices in Dallas and Houston, Loya & Associates is one of the state's leading personal injury and employment law practices, and the extensive collective expertise of the Loya Law attorneys will help to make the campaign a success.

"Although great strides have been made, our workplace safety record in Texas is still nothing to be proud of," Loya & Associates representative Raul Loya said, "Dealing with so many cases of workplace injury and worse every year, we are keenly conscious of how much progress is still needed. Our new initiative will help employers and workers alike understand the dangers and how best to minimize them."

Although the numbers have declined somewhat over the last two decades, Texas's share of the nation's fatal occupational injury total still stands out, with more than 10% of those who have lost their lives on the job in each of recent years calling the state home. A big part of the reason for this, many experts have concluded, is the inherent dangerousness of much of the work that must be done to extract and process oil and gas. As the industry accounts for more than $100 billion dollars worth of economic activity in the state annually, it is likely that these dangers will never be wholly erased, but the fact remains that many of the incidents that do occur every year are avoidable.

Loya & Associates is one of the state's leaders at helping to secure appropriate compensation for those injured on the job or who otherwise suffer harm through the fault of others. With a consistent focus on accounting for clients' specific needs and doing what is best for them, the practice has become one of those that Texas residents with personal injury or employment law issues are most likely to turn to first.

The new Loya & Associates awareness campaign centering on workplace fire and electrical hazards will leverage the extensive experience of the practice's attorneys to help inform the public about how these dangers can be minimized. The members of Loya & Associates hope that this work will help to cut down on the number of avoidable workplace injuries and deaths in the state every year, whether in the oil and gas industry or elsewhere.

Loya & Associates attorneys stand ready to answer questions from the press or to provide free, no-obligation consultations to those who might need legal representation. A range of resources at the Loya & Associates website detail the personal injury and employment law issues the practice's attorneys regularly deal with and also include information that will be helpful to those interested in minimizing workplace perils like fires and electrical dangers.

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