Loving Light Astrologer Releases Astrology Forecasts for 2017

The 2017 astrology predictions include baby boomers who delayed retirement due to the recession able to retire and young adults gainfully employed moving into their own apartments. Other astrology predictions include people spending time and money on fun, such as movies, parties, weddings, and celebrations.

Professional astrologer Donna Page, MS, releases the astrology forecast for 2017. This astrological information provides valuable insight on how to navigate the year ahead and indicates the upcoming opportunities. Information is sourced from analysing current planetary degrees and patterns in relationship to the cycles from the past.

“There are several indications that 2017 will be a year of moving forward in a similar direction that individuals have set for themselves during the last 4 years,” said Page, owner of Loving Light Astrologer. “Three of the major outer planets that impact global events, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto have moved away from discordant aspects and have crossed the halfway mark of 15 degrees in the signs that they are in. This indicates global awareness of the changes that are needed in governments, justice systems, refugees, educational deficits, religious fanaticism, and acceptance of each person’s right to their own unique path and pursuit of happiness. The issues which been revealed and are now seeking solutions to the problems presented.”

The reader will learn about the importance of the new eclipse patterns which are the astrological indicators of change occurring in February and August as well as how to use the helpful influence of Jupiter and other planets. Learn how to use the planetary patterns that influence career, love life, and family life. She also explains the significance of Saturn in Sagittarius for one more year including the meaning for each sign and the life lessons to be learned.

In addition the website offers free videos for viewing to understand the personal opportunities for each sign for the months and years ahead. For deeper understanding she recommends listening to the videos that correspond to the sun sign as well as the rising and moon sign the moon. Private consultations are also available and based upon the unique astrology chart from the date, time and place of birth.

Page also has this advice for those who are worried about the New Year ahead; “The rough planetary patterns of the last 4 years will settle down and the road ahead looks smoother and more prosperous. Financially the global financial meltdown that led to the great recession of 2008 does not repeat in 2017, financially the outlook is good even though March/April shows a slight increase in interest rates and August indicates a corrective move in the financial markets.”

Page’s astrology interpretations are based upon the planetary patterns and cycles with the intent to help a person make the year 2017 the best year possible. "The planets don’t make a person do something, the choice of whether to make changes, whether it be a new job, or a new relationships is always contingent on the personal will of an individual, fate comes into the picture when the universe brings an opening to move in that direction or not.” says Page.



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