Love Lights Galore Launches New Line Of Submersible LED Lights For Wedding Decor

New range of submersible LED lights for wedding decor launched by Love Lights Galore.

Popular wedding trends, including gown designs, floral selection and decor vary from season to season, but two elements remain the same throughout; elegance and originality. With this in mind, Love Lights Galore embarked on a mission to create an item that would bring both aspects to any wedding, regardless of the motif and color scheme. Their efforts culminated in the launch of their latest product, submersible led lights, designed to resemble tea light candles.

Tim Greene of Love Lights Galore elaborated, "Our submersible led tea light candles are perfect for bringing allure to any wedding theme. It doesn't matter how simple or elaborate the wedding may be, or the variety and color of the flowers being used; these white led candles are a wonderful match. Place a single candle in the center of each guest table for a modest touch of beauty, or use them in varying combination for a more embellished look. As they are completely waterproof, our customers may use these submersible led lights for centerpieces involving live floral arrangements. Place them in a lovely vase, fill with water and add any flowers of choice for a glorious, glowing effect. Sink them in faceted vases to bathe their surroundings in dazzling reflections. They are also a wonderful addition to anniversary or birthday parties."

Greene went on to say, "Although our Waterproof Led Lights were designed with weddings in mind, our customers have devised a number of creative uses for them. They are being used for holiday parties, immersed in vases containing red and green tinted water or embedded in water pearls of every color imaginable. Honestly, they could even be plunged into punch bowls. Some customers have envisioned their usefulness for Halloween applications. They are safe for children to use and pose no fire hazard when placed in jack-o-lanterns for a fun, eerie effect. Those are some of the more imaginative ideas, but many have realized their more practical potential. Some customers are incorporating them into the interior decoration of their home, and some admit to simply stowing them away in case of a power outage."

"The possibilities are only limited to the imagination," continued Greene, "Our submersible led lights are battery operated and guaranteed to last three to five days. All our products are tested before packaging, so our customers are sure to receive a quality product that is certain to function properly upon arrival. Regardless of the way in which our customers decide to use them, they will undoubtedly surprise and delight their guests."

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