Lose Weight Orlando Clinic Announces Start Of Radio Ads

Svelte Medical Weight Loss Clinic offers three locations to support their hormone replacement therapy centers. The clinic recently started broadcasting radio ads to promote their services.

Svelte Medical Weight Loss and Richard Bragg MD are pleased to announce that they are airing radio ads for their Biofe hormone replacement therapy. The procedures are available in three locations in the Orlando area. Clients who want to participate in the lose weight Orlando clinics can find help with the experienced and knowledgeable team of professionals. The medically supervised weight loss strategies which require no surgery, hormones or starvation diets.

The Svelte program focuses on stabilizing insulin levels. Patients are helped to achieve the goal by learning to eat foods which won't cause the insulin level to spike. Low insulin levels cause fat to burn, rather than sugar, which helps to control hunger. Although the individual results may vary, the program designers have full confidence in the effectiveness of the methods and strategies.

Susie Bragg, RN, weight loss coach explained, “At Svelte MD Medical Weight Loss Clinics, we empower our patients to transform their metabolism. Fat burning is a positive side effect of what we teach our patients. Most Americans; men, women, young and old, end up eating a lot of pre-packaged, preserved, high-fructose corn syrup food which has resulted in a massive upswing in obesity and type 2 diabetes. A significant impact that artificial sweeteners have on us is inflammation."

“Inflammation inhibits cellular function and encourages a sugar burning metabolism" she continues. When people come to us, we help them radically transform their metabolism. We are effectively altering their inflammatory state and bringing the inflammation levels down. We help our patients create optimal cellular function through our program. A side effect of this process is fat burning. We get the excess fat to convert itself back into energy. What we are committed to being overall health."

Svelte MD’s program is about decreasing inflammation and getting the body to go into a fat burning state, which most Americans don’t live in. For those who have ever felt as if they are starving two hours after eating, or looking for ice cream as a midnight snack, the real culprit is rebound hunger due to fluctuating insulin.

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