Los Angeles County Glendora California Car Accident Law Firm Offering Free Legal Consultations For Auto Injury Clients

Free Legal Consultations Are a Positive Step Towards Protecting Accident Victims in Glendora California and surrounding cities of San Gabriel Valley.

A car accident law firm in Glendora, California is excited to announce that they will immediately begin offering free legal consultations for auto injury clients located in and around the San Gabriel Valley area. Free legal consultations are a benefit to drivers everywhere. As the moments and even days immediately following a car accident are some of the most important in terms of document collection, evidence examination, interviewing witnesses and more. Those looking for more information about the free legal consultations offered by the personal injury attorneys in Glendora, California, find out more by contacting Alexander D.Napolin at: Glendora Car Accident Injury Law Firm

There are a large number of misconceptions surrounding auto accidents that a personal injury lawyer will do their best to clear up as quickly as possible. Many people believe that just because they were not injured in a car accident, they are not entitled to any type of financial compensation as a result of the accident. Due to the very specific ways in which the human body is affected during a car accident. It is possible for a person to feel fine immediately following the auto event only to have serious injuries like whiplash or worse manifest themselves days later.

It's also a misconception that financial compensation in a car accident is only designed to take care of damage to the affected vehicle. While making sure that a person's car gets repaired or replaced as quickly as possible is always important. This is only one small part of the much larger role that a personal injury law firm will play in the proceedings. Financial compensation can include money to take into account any time away from work or other missed wages that a person had to endure as a result, as well as money related to routine medical examinations, physical therapy and other types of events.

Perhaps one of the biggest misconceptions regarding auto accidents in and around the Glendora, California area is that if a driver is found to be "at fault" by responding law enforcement. They have no grounds through which to later mount a case and they are no longer entitled to any compensation in the future. This is completely untrue - oftentimes an officer will make an arbitrary decision regarding who is at fault for an accident based on the testimony of both drivers involved at the scene. A free legal consultation can begin the process of evidence collection, witness interviews and more in order to determine who is truly responsible for the event in question so that a proper legal defense can be mounted and the case can be heard in a court of law. Oftentimes police reports are not admitted into evidence at trial anyway, meaning that even if a driver is listed "at fault" it won't necessarily have any negative impact on the eventual case.

Those searching for more information about the wide range of other services that the firm provides to its clients in and around the area on a daily basis, are encouraged to visit the firm's official website at http://www.napolinlaw.com/glendora-california-auto-accident-lawyer/ today.

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