London Sash Window Repairs Ltd Can Install Double Glazing to Original and Existing Wooden Sash Windows

London Sash Window Repairs Ltd have developed an installation technique that will allow standard double glazed units to be fitted within the original sash window joinery in most cases. This reduces the amount of energy lost in London homes and saves on heating costs.

London Sash Window Repairs Ltd have developed a technique that will allow double glazed units to be installed within original sash windows. This negates the requirement for entirely replacing your wooden sash windows and offers excellent value for money over replacement sash windows. Not only that, the service has no visible impact on your original sash windows, leaving you with the benefits of modern technology, and period charm in tact with the added bonus of all the benefits of replacement sash windows, but for less than half the price.

The benefit of double glazing sash windows to the environment is significant. Double glazed sash windows are far better at improving the thermal efficiency of your home. Draught proofing and double glazing sash windows will considerably improve the comfort of your home as well. The result is you'll save considerable amounts of money on heating, and let's not forget, cut out a large proportion of noise pollution as well. The reduced carbon footprint is well documented.

Because the windows are not replaced, and only original joinery used. No further burden on the ever dwindling wood supply is needed. This saves energy in the manufacturing process as well. We must not forget making sash windows, and then fitting them consumes considerable amounts of energy.

In most cases original sash windows in London have been around over a hundred years. It would be a shame to replace them because you'd like double glazing, and now thanks to London Sash Window Repairs Ltd, you don't need to replace entirely to get the benefit of modern technology. You can learn more about double glazing original sash windows at the link provided:

To ensure original sash windows can handle a double glazed unit, each installation must be judged case by case, although the main concern is that the sash is at least 37mm in depth.

"There's only a two key factors in deciding if double glazing original sash windows is possible. First we check if an original sash window is structurally good enough to hold a heavier sealed unit, then we look at the depth of the sash, if both requirements are met then we can double glaze original sash windows with almost no change in aesthetics. Almost 90% of original London sash windows can be double glazed without costly replacement of joinery" James Gaskin, Managing Director of London Sash Window Repairs Ltd comments.

More can be learn't about sash window double glazing and repair at The company is serious on reducing the amount of energy used in London. Double glazing, sash window repair, and draught proofing help keep energy usage down. The amount of money saved double glazing original sash windows and repairing will save thousands of pounds on any typical London home.

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