London Oven Cleaners Kicks Off Their Spring Cleaning Campaign

Ovens tend to be extremely dirty and harbor germs reports London Oven Cleaners.

London Oven Cleaners kicks off their spring cleaning campaign by showcasing their line of eco-friendly cleaning solvents, solvents designed to protect not only the environment, but inhabitants of the space where the oven to be cleaned is located. "Immaculate ovens tend to make people smile, yet no one wants their health compromised to have the oven sparkle which is why London Oven Cleaners ( makes use of these planet friendly products which are good for people also," Ashley H of London Oven Cleaners ( declares.

Ovens, due to their frequent use, tend to become very dirty in a short period of time, yet the time required to clean this appliance makes this a task many put off as long as possible. With the help of London Oven Cleaners, one can have their stove shiny and sparkling clean without the need to get elbow deep into the grease. "London Oven Cleaners understands the need for a clean, sanitized oven, not only for health reasons, but also because the carbon and grease which build up over time often change the taste of foods. In addition, the oven takes more time and energy to heat up when it's dirty and this increases energy bills," Ashley continues.

London Oven Cleaners guarantees all food deposits, grease, dirt and carbon are removed from both the interior and exterior of the oven. This brings back the original shine of the appliance and allows it to operate as if it were brand new. One can use the oven as soon as the service is complete and only green safe caustic-free products are used for the health and safety of the home's occupants. As Ashley points out, London Oven Cleaners guarantees the service 100 percent and offers a discount if more than one service is purchased.

In addition to oven cleaning, London Oven Cleaners offers many other services, including a full deep kitchen cleaning option. Dirty countertops hold more bacteria than toilet seats, according to numerous research studies. Clean kitchens promote healthy living and the service offered through London Oven Cleaners ensures all kitchen appliances and surfaces are sanitized and ready for food preparation.

"The cleaners tackle every spot in the kitchen, from the tops of kitchen cupboards to the area behind the refrigerator. Tiles and skirting boards undergo a good scrub before being sanitized and appliances may be deep cleaned upon request. The green cleaning products ensure all areas of the room are clean and ready to use without the fear of problems associated with the use of caustic or dangerous chemical products," Ashley summarizes.

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London Oven Cleaners, a reputable cleaning firm offering service in the London and Greater London area, delivers immaculate oven cleaning and has been doing so for the past decade.

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