Loksarang Media International Announces "Hardas Novela" for Spring 2015

Los Angeles, CA -- Sumedha Loksarang, from Loksarang Media International, announced that he is directing a short independent film, entitled "Hardas Novela," set for a limited theatrical release in Spring 2015.

Sumedha Loksarang, the director and writer of "Hardas Novela," and the founder and owner of Loksarang Media International, is 25 years old. Loksarang got his start in filmmaking as a child, using his father's VHS camcorder. After many years of practice with filmmaking, and a stint in film and business school, Loksarang has become an established and critically acclaimed filmmaker. He founded Loksarang Media International with an eye toward creating a platform for developing and marketing his own films, as well as cultivating a studio where budding independent filmmakers can pursue their craft with Loksarang's financial and artistic support.

Hardas Novela is about Enrique Hardas, a young Chicano author living in the Los Angeles area. He has found himself caught in a love triangle between Luis, a burly young dockworker from the rough side of Los Angeles, and Luis' wife, Esmerelda, a beautiful, high-class woman who feels trapped in her marriage. In the process of discovering his feelings for Esmerelda, Hardas must navigate his own feelings about adultery, betrayal, commitment, and about his ethnicity and social class.

This independent, Spanish-language musical is inspired by the high-drama plotlines of Latin American telenovelas, and its aesthetics are strongly inspired by the melodrama, vivid colors, sexually explicit themes, and high-energy musical numbers of Bollywood. Additionally, Hardas Novela's extensive use of hidden cameras -- a hallmark of Loksarang's work -- adds a true-to-life, documentarian feel, akin to that of reality television. Novela's unique cultural fusion is an artistic melange that exemplifies the complexity and depth of the American immigrant experience, and draws parallels between the three culturally distinct, yet thematically comparable, media of novelas, Bollywood masala films, and the more explicit aspects of American reality TV. Like all Loksarang Media films, Hardas Novela stars only novice actors from several acting schools in the Los Angeles area.

Other forthcoming films from Loksarang Media International include "Entity X," a science fiction horror film about an alien who comes to earth to steal human bodies, and "On The Edge of A Feeling," a romantic comedy set in downtown Los Angeles.

About Sumedha Loksarang and Loksarang Media International

Loksarang Media International is an independent film company. It was founded in 2013, is run by Sumedha Loksarang, and is based out of Los Angeles. For more information, readers can view his website, http://www.loksarang.com, or visit the Loksarang Facebook page.


Sumedha Loksarang

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