Logo Design Mine Provides Central Hub For Logo Inspiration On The Web

The site has been recently redesigned to focus on the images which have made it so popular, with thousands to be added in the coming weeks.

Logos are an essential part of a marketing strategy in the modern context, using instantly recognizable symbols, vivid drawings or a specific typography to achieve an image that will engrain itself on the minds of consumers and be instantly identifiable with the brand. For new businesses, designing a logo can be one of the most excruciating tasks; it has to be right first time, as it will represent a business forever. Logo Design Mine is a gallery curated by a logo enthusiast who has collected an extensive catalogue of images and describes in detail how they work, so logo makers can find inspiration.

Each entry onto the site comes replete with a high quality image of the logo out of all context, delivered on whitespace so only the important elements are featured. The site then gives a detailed, high quality original analysis of the elements that make the logo work, in terms that aim to allow designers to take practical facets away from the construction of the logo for use in their own work.

The gallery list is being updated frequently, and the curator already has hundreds of analyses prepared to be published onto the site, and so users are advised to check back regularly for new updates and inspiration.

A spokesperson for Logo Design Mine explained, “Plato said hundreds of years before the birth of Christ that there are no new ideas, and this is true. However, new combinations of other ideas, unexpected combinations and innovative use of different elements can all help logos stand out without sacrificing the effectiveness of some of the most classic logos in the world. Whether your preference is for minimalist iconography, like Nike, or a more detailed and expressive coat of arms like a university, our site carries hundreds of examples of all kinds so that individuals can find the inspiration they need.”

About Logo Design Mine
Logo Design Mine is a gallery of logos that offers the browser or web designer inspiration for logos of their own. By navigating through the site, they can find examples of many different types of logos in order to get their own creativity churning, along with in depth descriptions of the aspects of the logo that work and why, so they can adopt similar design principles in their own process.

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