Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC Announces They Are Now Offering Press Releases

Press releases provide a great way to bring traffic to a website while providing authority for a business, announces Lodestone-CS.comm

Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC announces they are now offering press releases that will be placed on professional news sites such as Y! Finance. Press releases provide businesses with a white hat opportunity to increase traffic to a website while providing authority for a business. In addition, press releases rank well in the search engine results, allowing for increased traffic through organic results.

"Eighty million people turn to the Internet every day to obtain news and 64 percent of journalists make use of Yahoo! or Google to keep up with what is happening in the world around them. Press releases are a great way to capture the attention of individuals when they are properly optimized. In fact, SEO press releases help to improve a website's ranking and attract the attention of consumers ready to buy," Jean Allen, spokesperson for Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC, states.

Press releases help those wishing to draw in organic traffic, yet paid traffic benefits a site also. Companies wishing to bring in more of this type of traffic often turn to AdWords to do so. With AdWords, a company pays to have their ad featured on Google, but must only pay when a consumer actually clicks on the link. An effective marketing strategy will combine this and other paid advertising methods with press releases and content marketing for optimal results.

"Companies often search for ways to increase traffic to their site, yet question which techniques work best. Many organizations have tried AdWords in the past with little success and feel they need to try other options. Although effective marketing strategies make use of a number of techniques, an adwords management service may be of help in making the most of this particular one. It's definitely an option every company should consider," Allen continues.

When one goes to choose a marketing company, the services offered must be a top priority. Some find they need assistance with keyword research, yet others only struggle in the area of ad management. One should never go with a company offering only one plan, as this doesn't allow for flexibility. This flexibility is what allows a company to thrive in a crowded market.

"Any company that feels they are in need of an adwords management service, SEO press releases or any marketing help should turn to Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC for this aid. The company works with clients to find the best solutions for their unique needs, as this produces the desired results. The company's success lies in sitting down with each client to determine their specific goals, metrics and resources to identify these solutions and move the client's company forward in the desired way," Allen declares.

About Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC:

Lodestone Consulting Services, LLC specializes in providing custom solutions to ensure clients receive more traffic to their website through both paid and organic options. Companies interested in learning more may contact Lodestone with questions or to obtain a free quote.

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