LockinTraffic Tweaks Complimentary Content Sharing To Improve Social Signals And Customers

Premium WordPress plugin LockinTraffic shows visitors and leads can be made of existing traffic by just tweaking content sharing.

In the present business scenario, every marketer is running around all day batting their email and taking care of their customers. But it is not enough to get placed on the top of the search engines. The idea of content sharing takes the importance here. Establishing a trusted share-able content has many positive benefits to the brand. Any brand can use content sharing as a way to increase their visibility. Valuable content should always free, at the same time the author or blogger should get some benefits too. LockinTraffic is not just a content locking plugin; it adds an easier way to content sharing to bring more traffic, better social signals and improved search engine presence.

Unlike industry competitors, the plugin blurs a part of the content (text or images) and pauses videos, thus creating an anxiety on users to see the content of the blurred or locked portion. For unlocking those specific portions the plugin gives to option whether the visitor has to opt-in to their email list or to share the page to improve social signals. LockinTraffic triggers the curiosity of the visitors to access the locked content and urges them for a social share or opting in. A website owner can decide what URL they need to share on social sites. Instead of the current item, admin can decide the particular page or can even customize the text that is to share on the social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or LinkedIn. Once shared, the item will be available on next visits by same user based on their IP and page URL.

The plugin also has several inbuilt options for time settings, designs, customized image, text, opt-in lightbox, opt-in form, etc. LockinTraffic can be integrated with several auto-responder services like MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber and iContact. Leads will be captured by those email auto-responders. In case, such marketing services are not available leads will be stored on the wordpress dashboard itself to make the plugin work with any or all autoresponder services. Each sharing provided by the visitors will drive traffic into user website or page. The video lock plugin feature increases the subscribers list, which in turn increases sales.

IdeaKloud is a company which works on new ideas, to find strategic software solutions. Mervik Haums, who handles the projects in IdeaKloud, posted on Broadcasterr.com “though the LockinTraffic project is currently for the wordpress users; we have plans to make it available to non wordpress sites as well, as it works reliably to improve traffic, sales and SEO by propelling social signals and leads. Our dedicated support makes it easier even for a newbie to install the plugin”. More information can be found on the official website, http://www.lockintraffic.com

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Name: Flek Kloud
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Website: http://www.lockintraffic.com

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