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Digicoin 365 has put together a nationwide bitcoin ATM directory. Get started with bitcoin with the help of the digicoin365 Blog.

Digicoin365 is all about finding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ATMs around the world, using an interactive map with direction finder. The website also provides a wealth of general and educational information on crypto currencies, blockchain technology and how money is being transformed into a new and more secure digital format.

The site contains Price and News information with a live bitcoin price feed. There’s also a live cryptocurrency news feed which means visitors can stay up to date on market and pricing conditions and trends. A handy multi-currency conversion calculator helps bitcoin holders calculate the value of their holdings, in real time in several currencies. A simple one page pricing, news and calculator resource saves time when on the go, to keep your finger on the pulse of the cryptocurrency world.

As a global cryptocurrency site, Digicoin365 is an ideal source of information on a broad range of topics covered off in simple terms. For anyone new to bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the site is an entry point to becoming familiar with concepts such as blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies and the basics of how money is used in our society.

Blockchain technology itself is transformative, and bitcoin is but one product which has emerged from this new technology. The technology is not only new, but has wide reaching implications on how the world’s economic structure is set to change. It’s important to have a basic, introductory level resource for the general public to understand the basics.

The website answers basic questions such as: What is blockchain? What is money? What are cryptocurrencies and digital money. Avoiding technical jargon, Digicoin365 aims to educate visitors at the entry level and also offers several “how to” videos.

For those already familiar with bitcoin, and are looking to transact through a digital currency ATM, Bitcoin Opinions serves as the ideal place to find market opinions on the changing environment of bitcoin and ATM locations - wherever you are in the world. There are well over ATM 1,000 location pins on the site’s global map, growing every day, with an easy to use bitcoin ATM direction finder feature.

If you would like to purchase your own digital currency ATM, the site also offers a shortcut to more information from several ATM manufacturers via the onsite ATM request form.

For more information on digital currency ATM map locations, visit DigiCoin365 Phoenix.

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