LocalRecommendedPro.com Announces it’s Top Performing Professionals for April 2015

LocalRecommendedPro.com (LRP) a website that accepts nominees from the top local professionals worldwide, is pleased to announce the selected top recommended performers for April 2015.

LRP recognizes Willis Hunt as a top professional in Real-Estate Investments.
Willis Hunt is a Dallas-Fort Worth real-estate investor whose innovative approach to home buying and sales has helped over 300 local families since 2006. His secret is a holistic approach, which incorporates his background in credit repair and education. Willis can frequently be found hosting seminars on the importance of credit health--how to maintain or achieve it--as well as the importance of avoiding foreclosure. His partnerships with other real estate and financial professionals allow him to provide his clients with a support network unlike any other.

In addition to catching one of his seminars, Willis Hunt can be found at:

LRP recognizes Keith Greiveldinger as a top professional in Social Media Marketing.
“Social Media Marketing has exploded in the last 18 months and has allowed both Small and Medium Size Business’s the ability to boost their online presence.  On Base Social has been getting their Clients in front of Their Customers with the help of Social Media and has experienced a 53% increase in business requests for Content Creation this past month alone. Social Media has Completely Changed the Game of Business and On Base Social is working to expand operations to accommodate increased requests to help small and medium sizes businesses achieve their goals through Social Media Marketing.”

For more information or to contact Keith Greiveldinger visit:

LRP recognizes Direct Marketing Monster as a top performing business in Direct Mail Marketing.
98% of consumers bring in their mail daily. If a business wants to make sure the message gets seen, their Monster Direct Mail program coupled with their exclusive Giant Monster Postcard will dwarf everything else out there and demand instant attention. Their Monster postcards work so well because they simply get the message in front of everyone, every single time without fail. If businesses want to avoid getting lost in the junk mail. STAND OUT in a Monster Way!

For more information or to contact Direct Marketing Monster visit:

LRP recognizes eduOutcomes as a top performing business in Outcomes Assessment.
eduOutcomes provides affordable data collection and analysis solutions to help higher education leaders improve their campuses and the lives of members of their campus communities. Whether it is assisting with institution in measuring student learning, helping to understand the campus climate, or making meaning of data, EDU Outcomes is poised to help improve professional practices through data driven solutions.

For more information or to contact eduOutcomes visit:

LRP recognizes David Janosik as a top professional in Authority Marketing.
“Major Media Placement REMOVES The #1 Obstacle Between a Business & The Sale. If they’re not buying – it’s usually because they don’t have any trust in that business. How businesses decide to market themselves, the cost of their services and how badly their prospects need what they’re selling also play a part, but these factors don’t even deserve to be mentioned in the same breathe as the trust factor. The individual that's perceived as the authority in the industry has ALL the power. A business owner's target audience may look at the competition but time and time again, they’ll come to the same, formulaic decision that it’s better to try the best, before they try the rest.”

For more information or to contact David Janosik visit:

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