Local Mentoring Group Sponsors Webinar Series to Fuel Central Texas Business Growth

SCORE Austin to sponsor free business training webinars on internet business promotion.

SCORE Austin, the local chapter of the organization that mentors America's small business owners and operators, is sponsoring a local initiative to broaden its training resources by teaming up with the educational arm of an Austin marketing agency to offer 13 weeks of webinars.

Starting July 9th 2013, Your ASEO Company, through the sponsorship of Austin SCORE will offer live webinars for small businesses and sales professionals. The theme of these webinars will change each week, however, their intent is to help introduce and guide business owners and those starting or expanding their business the opportunities that the internet, social media and mobile offer to increase their business. These webinars are free to the business community and are to be held each Tuesday at 1 PM CST.


"We are very pleased to work with Your ASEO Company in bringing these free training webinars to the Austin business community. SCORE supports all efforts to grow the small business community in the Central Texas area and these webinars provide great information to business owners and entrepreneurs." said Austin SCORE Chapter Chairman, Carleton Smith.

Since they will be in a live webinar format, a business person can access the training webinars from their office via their computer or even on their mobile device if in transit. Businesses have the opportunity to ask questions and give input on the topic presented.  The first webinar will be covering "Why Your Business Needs to Be Online". Other topics include Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube and more over the planned 13 weeks. All replays will be available for up to two weeks at the training website - http://biztraininggroup.com. Registration is required to access the replays and is free.

The remainder of the summer 2013, the live webinars will focus on other ways to brand everyone business. This includes branding with business blogs and email marketing, branding with mobile marketing and branding with webinars.

“It only made sense for us to expand into the branding of local businesses with webinars and offer this service to local business owners in Central Texas,” said Carolyn Holzman, President of Your ASEO Company, a co-sponsor of the webinar series. "I can spend over an hour educating a single business or I can take that same hour and educate 100. I think in this case reaching more businesses with this information is better for our local economy. And to team up with the SCORE chapter is a natural alignment of goals since they provide the kind of counseling most businesses need to start or expand their business and the online component featured in these webinars compliments their current offerings."

Anticipating that the time schedule for the live webinars may not fit into the schedule of all business owners there will be replays of the live webinars for up to two weeks following the webinar. If a business owner is registered for the event and cannot attend, they will be sent an email with a link to the replay. All webinars registrations will be listed on the event schedule on the Austin SCORE website which can be accessed at http://austin.score.org

More information is available by contacting either the SCORE office or website austin.score.org  or calling (512) 522-0932 or by visiting the training website set up by Your ASEO Company at BizTrainingGroup.com.

About Your ASEO Company
Your ASEO Company is a marketing agency that provides local business the opportunity to make more revenue through online and mobile marketing. Areas of expertise are reputation marketing, social media, lead generation, local search marketing and search engine optimization. For information on the specific industry, visit the website.

About SCORE Austin
Austin SCORE offers free Small Business Counseling and Resources, low-cost Business Workshops, and special customized services. If anyone is starting or expanding their business, preparing for a loan, or have existing business issues or opportunities, SCORE Mentors can help. Call to request a meeting or visit their website to use E-mail counseling or sign up for a business workshop. Visit the website at http://austin.score.org

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