LiveViewGPS, Inc. Launches New Mechanism Promoting Effective Fleet Management

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Understanding the finer points of GPS tracking is key to improving efficiency and productivity, publishes

Based on information gleaned from a year-old survey of American business owners, an estimated 40 percent of companies with fleets currently use GPS tracking in their vehicles. Of those, fewer than 25 percent feel they are using these devices to their fullest advantage. In light of this revelation, George Karonis of LiveViewGPS, Inc. has launched the company's latest pointers for fleet-employing businesses entitled Tips to Improve Business Efficiency With GPS Tracking.

Said Karonis, "Though gps tracking is a practical method of keeping up with employees' locations as well as those of material assets, it offers a number of additional benefits many have yet to realize. If used effectively, devices like those we offer can be an integral component in a well-rounded plan for boosting efficiency as well as productivity. We're publishing our tips for using GPS systems with the hope of helping business owners and managers make the most of the technology we offer."

Vehicle maintenance is reported to top the list of expenses for on-the-go businesses. Respondents to the previously-mentioned survey admit to going to extremes in this regard. Some delay routine maintenance to a point where more costly problems arise. Others incur nonessential expenditures by scheduling services too frequently or allowing unnecessary repairs to be made. Fleet tracking systems have the capacity to alert management of engine diagnostics results, tire and oil pressure changes and other issues as well as inform authorities of routine maintenance needs.

Those surveyed largely point to fuel as another high-ranking costs. By designating shorter routes for drivers, identifying unauthorized use of company vehicles and generating more productive dispatching efforts, GPS systems have also been found to aid in reducing fuel consumption. Approximately 80 percent of businesses having these devices in their fleet vehicles report measurable reductions in fuel costs upon comparing expense reports from before and after installation.

Karonis concluded, "Those are only a couple of the advantages of using our fleet, asset and personal tracking systems. They can help improve employee safety both in and out of company vehicles while extending the life of the entire fleet and ensuring greater payroll accuracy. When combined with management intervention, our devices and services can be an important element in cost-cutting as well as customer retention. Both are invaluable when it comes to keeping a business afloat. We encourage our clients and entrepreneurs interested in making GPS tracking part of their business plans to visit our website to learn more."

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A Location-Based Service Company headquartered in Southern California, LiveViewGPS, Inc. provides GPS tracking products for businesses, law enforcement and family safety. Their devices include vehicle and fleet tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and asset protection equipment.

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