LiveViewGPS, Inc. Launches Guide Addressing Employee Concerns Over GPS Tracking

GPS tracking in conjunction with a well-rounded business management approach offers benefits for companies and employees alike, publishes

Analysts from various sectors of the business world are currently touting the potential role of GPS-based fleet tracking measures in managing company-based profits and losses. While related statistics vary widely by industry, some reports list fuel cost reductions of 20 percent or more as well as measurable boosts in productivity among the most notable benefits for businesses making use of this type of technology. On the other end of this spectrum, however, employees largely view these measures in a negative light.

In response to this potentially counterproductive difference of opinion, George Karonis of LiveViewGPS, Inc. has launched the company's latest guide entitled 5 Ways LiveViewGPS Tracking Benefits Employees. Said Karonis, "The number of companies incorporating GPS Tracking from LiveViewGPS into their daily routines grows continually as more businesses realize the many advantages to be gained. Employees tend to see this as an intrusive act, but the benefits actually extend far beyond the confines of corporate headquarters. Our new guide is meant to help change the way employees think of GPS tracking and hopefully bridge the gap between them and their overseers."

One of the more obvious advantages of GPS tracking is greater efficiency where routing is concerned. Devices such as these provide continual updates on traffic and weather conditions as well as offering alternate routes for drivers looking to avoid potential delays. Tracking devices are additionally said reduce the amount of paperwork involved in log updates and record-keeping efforts while generating real-time proof of employees' whereabouts capable of being used in their own defense should false allegations arise.

GPS-based fleet tracking systems likewise notify drivers and employers of routine maintenance needs and can be programmed to schedule service appointments. By taking note and alerting employers of unsafe driving practices, this type of equipment may be able to increase safety for employees. A complete version of the LiveViewGPS Tracking employee benefit guide as well as more information about the types of systems available can be found on the company website.

Concluded Karonis, "The potential benefits of using GPS fleet tracking are virtually endless for employees as well as business. That being said, our systems are tools to be used in conjunction with other positive means of business and asset management. They can alert employers of hard braking, sudden lane changes, employees straying from designated routes and other issues, but they won't explain why these actions take place. Automated tracking can help improve efficiency, safety and productivity, but fairness, good judgment and understanding can't be omitted. The technology we provide must be combined with the human element in order to truly be beneficial for all involved."

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