LiveViewGPS Inc Introduces Auto Theft Recovery System

The unique GPS system is giving victims a better chance of quickly recovering their property, reports

Tracking device company LiveViewGPS Inc. has announced the introduction of their auto theft recovery system. The device is designed to alert users when their car has been broken into and help them keep tabs on the vehicle’s location at all times. In auto theft situations, the system can be of help when time is of the essence and quick vehicle recovery is a must.

As George Karonis of LiveViewGPS Inc pointed out “Statistics show that auto theft in the United States happens every 26 seconds. The numbers are even higher for cars that are on the list of most frequently stolen vehicles. The good news is that we’ve introduced a device to the market that can help significantly increase the chances of recovering a vehicle after theft. Our GPS tracking system works alongside car alarms to alert car owners to a possible theft and help them track their vehicle so that they can properly notify the authorities and assist them in locating the car. The best part about the system is that this all takes place without the thief ever knowing about it.”

LiveViewGPS’ RTV-5 Live GPS Vehicle Tracking System can be installed covertly inside of the vehicle. It works by quickly notifying drivers when their car alarm has been activated. Since this happens within minutes before thieves can attempt to disable the system, it gives owners a chance to call the authorities and give them the exact location of the vehicle during every second of the chase. Not only does this system save time in these critical situations, but some insurers may also offer discounts on premiums for having one of these devices installed.

Karonis went on to say, “With crime rates on the rise, it’s important for vehicle owners to consider how they will protect their property. While a GPS tracking system won’t keep a thief from attempting to steal a vehicle, having one installed will increase the likelihood that they’ll be caught before they can cause significant damage to the car. With the help of one of our devices, drivers can have peace of mind that comes with knowing that there’s a second pair of ‘eyes’ watching out for their property.”

About LiveViewGPS Inc:

LiveViewGPS, Inc. located in Southern California, is a Location Based Service Company (LBS). They provide wireless location products and services for businesses, law enforcement and family safety. Their GPS tracking devices include vehicle and fleet-tracking systems, asset trackers, trailer tracking systems, surveillance monitoring tools, people tracking devices and GPS asset protection equipment.

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