LiveViewGPS Details How Yosemite's New Online Bear Tracker Works and More

Park's recently launched Bear Tracker is an excellent example of how versatile and powerful GPS can be, LiveViewGPS reports

With an estimated 300 to 500 black bears living in Yosemite National Park today, sightings rank among some of the most anticipated and memorable experiences for visitors. Thanks to the launch of the park's new online Bear Tracker, people all over the world can keep up with the movements and whereabouts of a select few Yosemite bears wearing special collars. As a leader in the field of Global Positioning System (GPS) devices and services, LiveViewGPS Inc also keeps readers up to date with interesting related developments like this one and many others.

Visitors to the company's blog can read about using GPS devices to keep teen drivers safe, how GPS can make living in a "tiny home" more enjoyable, how GPS Tracking devices might help save the endangered jaguar, and many more topics. With a full range of devices and services that help everyone from individuals to large businesses leverage the highly flexible potential of GPS, LiveViewGPS is also a top source for updates about the latest developments in the field like the new Yosemite Bear Tracker.

"Yosemite National Park is a truly amazing place, from the towering granite walls of Half Dome and El Capitan to the wildlife found all throughout the park," said LiveViewGPS CEO George Karonis. "As big fans of both the park and GPS technology, we were therefore excited to hear that Yosemite had launched its new online Bear Tracker. As we always strive to show with our own products and services, GPS is an incredibly flexible, widely applicable technology that is also extremely accessible. We invite all those who are interested in GPS and related developments like the new Yosemite Bear Tracker to stay up to date with us at our blog and on Facebook and Twitter."

As one of the most popular attractions of its kind in the country, California's Yosemite National Park receives an average of around 4 million visitors each year. While the vast majority of the experiences had within the park turn out to be highly positive, "dozens of black bears are killed or maimed each year by vehicles" within Yosemite, according to the official Keep Bears Wild website created to raise awareness about the issue.

That website also recently launched a new service that aims to help visitors learn about the park's bears in safe, convenient ways thanks to the power of GPS technology. In addition to seeing where bears were, sadly, hit by vehicles last year, Yosemite Bear Tracker users can follow the movements of a number of bears wearing collars that update their positions using GPS as they travel up to 30 miles each day.

The background behind and launch of the Bear Tracker is covered in depth in a new blog post at the LiveViewGPS website. As one of the world's leading providers of GPS tracking systems and services, LiveViewGPS enables a huge range of highly useful options for clients. From fleet management and theft prevention to monitoring vulnerable elderly people, LiveViewGPS helps businesses and individuals make the most of a truly powerful and versatile technology. Visitors to the LiveViewGPS website can learn more about its products and stay up to date with the latest news and developments in the field, like Yosemite's recent launch of its new, GPS-powered Bear Tracker.

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