ListGuy Launches Training Packages Guaranteed To Increase Downline Reps

The network marketing veteran,, offers results-driven training with live mentoring and strategy creation., the leader in digital Network Marketing tools, has created a guaranteed-to-work training program that promises to build a part-time entrepreneurship into a thriving business.

With their revolutionary 3-tiered Network Marketing training packages, Listguy guarantees to produce 100 to 1,000 downline representatives, depending on the level of training purchased.

“We know those guarantees seem steep to some, but they’re real,” explains Dustin Briley, founder of Listguy in 1997. “These Network Marketing training guides work. We are that confident in their value to our clients.”

The three-tiered training guide approach caters to the simple, part-time Network Marketing entrepreneurs looking to get things off the ground. With the goal of acquiring 5 to 15 hot leads every day, “The Basic Pack” teaches Network Marketing and MLM newcomers how to create effective sales and marketing strategies, how to design and deliver products, consumer psychology, demographic identification techniques and more. But even at this basic level, Listguy offers its automated custom website generator, 12 months of personal mentoring and support, and a guaranteed acquisition of 100 new downline reps.

“To start out a training guide with that much firepower, we really needed to offer something special for the next couple levels,” Briley says. “I think we did just that.”

Briley is referring to the second training level created for those wishing to ditch their full-time job and take control of their career. “The Elite Pack” offers everything The Basic Pack offers on top of extensive sales and marketing techniques that only truly successful Network Marketers need to know, such as: phone prospecting, how to close, free writing services, SEO tactics, advanced leadership training, wealth principles and several other valuable tactics to build a thriving MLM business. With The Elite Pack, Listguy shoots for 500 new leads every day, and guarantees 700 new reps.

“The Ultra Pack” for the Network Marketing and MLM mastermind aims for big success now. Complete with the Basic and Elite packages, The Ultra Pack teaches how to lead a team of reps to extended success, how to maximize productivity and how to ease into the trainee’s comfortable new career path. The Ultra Pack guarantee: 1,000 new reps.

“Yeah, it’s a lofty goal,” Briley says. “But it’s a goal we’ve achieved before and a goal we know anyone can achieve with the proper training, mentoring and support.”

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ListGuy is a marketing service founded in 1997. Known for providing excellent marketing support services in the area of marketing list development, it has recently been innovating so that customers will have access to more sophisticated lists for direct mail, telephone, and email marketing. Its website is available at

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