Link Building Office Launches Executive SEO Package Including Coaching Course

Link Building Office’s Gavriluta Matei will now personally coach clients purchasing their Executive SEO Course, upskilling them in the best practices they’ll need for independent long term SEO success.

Garviluta Matei is the CEO of Link Building Office, a successful SEO agency which offers the clout of a multinational with the agility of a startup. His business practices have enabled him to grow the business into a legitimate success while creating incredible ROI on behalf of clients. Now demand for their services so outstrips supply, Matei Gavriluta is going to change the way they work once again, to empower clients to master and take control of their SEO campaigns going forward.

The new package includes everything clients can expect from their PRO SEO package, with content optimization, local SEO, quality backlinks, on page optimization, content marketing and social media optimization. The prestige of the new package comes in the form of personalised coaching from Gavriluta Matei, the company’s CEO.

Matei will explain every process, walk through the significance of the actions taken, what they have observed and what actions those observations inform. This all combines to help individuals understand SEO from the inside out, sufficient that by the end of our campaign, they will be ready to take control themselves and continue to build and define their own future online.

A spokesperson for Link Building Office explained, “The new package is ideal for small business owners and startups who want to have a dedicated individual on staff and in house working continually and solely on building their business’ online profile for greater marketing success. That person will benefit from the best possible foundation being built by Link Building Office, so they can build on that to go from strength to strength with newfound skills, best practices and software recommendations. The new package will help SME’s that can’t afford to put us on retainer to be able to continue their online development long term.”

About Link Building Office: Link Building Office is a Houston based provider of local SEO, global SEO and pay per click campaign optimization and management. This provides the professionalism, strategic thinking and experience of a large global agency, but operates with the nimbleness and hands‐on client focus of a small firm. They execute a full range of public relations services supporting a national client base across a wide range of industry sectors.

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