Lingolet - the future of the language interpretation industry

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Lingolet - the future of the language interpretation industry

Translation services are a multi-billion dollar industry. Who among us hasn't used Google Translate or one of the many translation apps available on the market? Many posit that Artificial Intelligence will completely replace human interpreters in the future, but is that the case? Lingolet, a Silicon Valley start-up, combines both. It utilizes modern technology to maximize human potential.

Lingolet, AI is the first language service platform to offer advanced language solutions for consumers and businesses built on cloud computing, big data, smart connected devices, and artificial intelligence technology. With Lingolet, you can communicate in any language, at any time. The founder and CEO of Lingolet, Jerry Song, joined Diana Ding on Innovation Dialogue to talk about his start-up. He also shared his thoughts on the translation service industry and how he predicts it will change over the next decade.

Lingolet - a nexus of AI and human interpretation

The key difference between Lingolet, AI and its competitors is the human factor. While many translation apps offer machine translation, not many combine it with human interpretation. The answer why is simple - the cost and time required to develop such a product.

Lingolet One is the translation industry's first smart device. It merges AI-based machine translation with on-demand human interpretation services. The stylish and durable clip-on thumb-sized device is made from aluminum and has 10-hour battery life. With a push of a button, the cloud-based AI voice translator is available in 12 languages and boasts 98% accuracy. Likewise, the device offers voice-to-text recording, translation to 12 languages, and the ability to export and backup the data on the cloud.

Lingolet One connects its users with over 2000 registered and certified interpreters in 185 languages. They cover over 30 expert fields like legal, medical, law enforcement, and technology (to name a few). Interpreters pass rigorous training that includes two years to obtain a graduate degree and speaks to the interpretation quality.

Dedication to data protection

Superior quality service isn't the only characteristic that differentiates Lingolet, AI from its competitors. Data protection is of utmost importance. The users' data is decentralized and encrypted using blockchain technology to provide privacy and protection. The company offers industry-leading and security compliance (including HIPAA/HITECH, GDPR, and EU/US Privacy Shield), as well as

liability and insurance coverage. In the United States, they use Amazon for their hosting service and data storage with no direct access to the data. The data owners are the consumers and clients. Mr. Song spoke about their target market, which is the enterprise users. The first round of funding was spent on building the technology and the platform. The second round of funding will go towards building the sales and marketing teams. Lingolet officially launched at CES 2020 Las Vegas and won SVIEF Disruptive Innovation Award in January 2020.

When asked what makes a successful founder Mr. Song shared he believes in being communicative, approachable, and a people's person. Furthermore, the founders must realize they cannot do everything by themselves and need to delegate. Because building a start-up isn't easy, in his team members, he seeks talent, determination, and endurance.

Trends in the interpretation industry

In terms of trends in the interpretation industry over the next decade, Mr. Song predicts AI will play a significant part and help us communicate better. However, he posits it is extremely challenging to replace human interpreters. This ties in with his view on innovation. Mr. Song thinks innovation is not only about the new. It is about using old stuff already available in innovative and creative ways. Lingolet stands as a testament to that.

To learn more Lingolet's products and service, or to discuss investment opportunities, contact Lingolet's sales team.

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