Lincoln Construction Group Weighs in on Effect of Mild Winter on Toronto Road Conditions

Lincoln Construction Group describes the impact of Toronto’s mild winter on road conditions.

Lincoln Construction Group (, a company that manages all paving, concrete, and contracting needs, is weighing in on the effect of Toronto’s mild winter on road conditions.

This winter has been Toronto’s second warmest on record. This has had an impact across the board, and one area that has seen positive gain from the warm weather has been the roads. Toronto winters are usually plagued with potholes, but the warm weather has decreased that number significantly, saving the City money both in repairing these potholes and in cleaning roads of snow. There have been approximately 15 centimetres of snow recorded thus far, which is much less than the standard 65 centimetres Toronto is accustomed to by this time of year. (Source: Courtney, R., “Mild winter could mean fewer potholes this spring,” Newstalk1010, February 3, 2016;

“Not many people are going to complain about warmer weather,” says Anthony Taylor, director of sales at Lincoln Construction Group. “And if the city is able to save money, then it’s a bonus all around.”

Only one snowfall was heavy enough to call for snowploughs to be out clearing roads this winter. There have also been 3,500 fewer potholes reported this winter, giving Toronto drivers a break from the disasters of last winter.

“Last winter was nearly the exact opposite of what we’re experiencing now with the weather and on the roads,” says Taylor. “We had one the coldest winters recorded in Toronto’s history last year. Now we’re on pace for one of the warmest. Similarly, we saw complaints last year about poor road conditions, including poor snow removal and too many potholes, so it’s a relief that the relatively mild weather has slowed these issues.”

Taylor also points out a few maintenance tips property owners should consider in order to ensure that the pavement on their property remains in good condition throughout the winter. This includes sealing all pavement cracks early since they could potential get larger and cause pot holes; cleaning up any fuel or oil spills, as these stains can eat away at pavement; and keeping catch basins clear of dirt and debris.

“It’s important to take precautionary measures to avoid any further problems that might arise as a result of the winter weather,” Taylor concludes. “Proper maintenance can go a long way in prolonging the life of the pavement, especially when the winter isn’t so mild.”

Lincoln Construction Group has been involved in paving and contracting for nearly 40 years. They pride themselves on being able manage all contracting needs without having to subcontract any of the labour. Their history includes working with companies such as Rio Can, Go Transit, and Smart Centres. More information can be found at

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