Lil' Mishka Electro Swing Band Taking the World of Music by Storm with Their Eccentric Style

Creative music group unleashes their melody and takes music to a completely new level

Lil' Mishka Electro Swing Band is a Canadian anomaly with a unique sound and music. The group consists of highly talented and experienced singers, performers, and instrumentalists who have mastered their arts in making music with a touch of class.

Members of the band include singer Becca and Maya, who use their electrifying vocals to breathe life into every song, Mister Waugh (Emcee/Vocals), and Alex the guitarist and production person, ensuring that all performances of the band are top-notch, beyond the expectations of the fans. Sam Stoichet is on the Upper Bass and the caffeine fuel tracks of Edward (Producer, Key, Effects).

This eccentric band likes to experiment and explore ideas to satisfy fans with a mix of different styles ranging from Swing, Jazz, Electro, and even Hip Hop for good measure. The band has recorded several songs over the years, including collaborations with top artists from different locations worldwide.

One of their major projects is "50 Shades of Swing", their first joint album together, which the band has been working hard at recording and self-publishing. Lil' Mishka's Album "This Is Freaking Awesome" garners massive attention on social media and streaming sites. The album contains nine tracks, each with its peculiar feel and dimension, taking the listener to a whole new level.

Lil Mishka Band was an opening band for one of the most iconic Electro Swing bands, Swingrowers. Lil' Mishka Electro Swing Band was featured in the acclaimed iSwing Top 40 by JC JSum, with two songs, Dead Kennedies electro-swing cover "Too Drunk To..." and "Smoke That Jive." Between June and July 2020, "Too Drunk To..." went to the number 1. Score on the list for two weeks.

The band's song, "Thrift Shop," was selected to be a part of the album Electro Swing Party by Bart&Baker, Vol.1, released December 2018 as the 14th track and published by Wagram Music, a French independent record label based in Paris, with offices in Berlin and Los Angeles.

Lil' Mishka Electro Swing Band features RAW Artists, an independent arts organization that spotlights talents in virtual arts, music, performance, etc. Their page on the platform includes images of performances, videos of live events, and so on.

With their unique style, Lil' Mishka brings a new melodious music style that will define a new age. Their musical performance and delivery are of classic rendition that guarantees pure entertainment for listeners.

The band aims for the sky with the desire to take over the world and redefine music with their style. This is why in every show, they strive to bring the best to entertain fans and help them enjoy the true essence of music. Lil' Mishka wants to inspire the new generation to achieve great things. They feel that anyone can do whatever they desire if only they can think it and believe it.

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