Launches New Site to Highlight the Power of Numerology

The goal of the newly launched website is to help visitors by providing informative content and products related to their lifepath number and numerology

Americans love statistics, and this is an obsession that is seen in virtually every aspect of day to day life. Statistics are seen in box office numbers, online traffic calculations, social media and more. As a result, numbers and statistical analysis are becoming more influential in all aspects of modern life. The one thing all these statistics have in common is numbers. Numerology is the study of numbers, how they work and the patterns they show.

In an effort to help individuals better understand numerology, how it affects their lives and how it can be used, LifePathNumber has launched an all-new website.

“Our website is designed to help our visitors tap into the 4,000-year-old science of numerological analysis,” stated company representative Janice Sorenson. “While numerology encompasses many different things, we are focused on an extremely important number – your Life Path Number. This is based on your birthdate and is calculated with a simple equation. When we determine your number, we can also help you understand the opportunities and challenges you are going to face in your life.”

While there are some skeptics about the accuracy of numerology, one thing that many people do agree on is that numbers don’t lie. This is why statics are so heavily relied on today. From determining the liability or approval rating of the President to determining who deserves to be on welfare, numbers impact many people’s lives without them even realizing it.

“In addition to helping our customers figure out what their Life Path Number is, we also post regularly on the new site,” continued Sorenson. “Our blogs are designed to help our readers better understand what numerology is and how it impacts their day to day life. We want to help everyone have a deeper understanding of their life path number and our new site is helping us do just that. We are also on Facebook, where information is posted regularly.”

Those interested in learning more about their life path number can visit the website, or the business’s You Tube Channel.

ABOUT LIFEPATHNUMBER.NET was created with the goal to help visitors find the direction of their life. The world is full of numbers and many people overlook the simplicity and beauty they offer. The site is designed to provide information and resources regarding numerology and its role in modern life. It is regularly updated and individuals interested in this topic are encouraged to visit often.

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