LifeLock Announces How to Prevent a Target Like Data Breach

LifeLock are offering advice and guidance to individuals concerned about identity theft and data security after the major data thefts that have taken place in recent weeks.

Identity theft has hit the headlines as never before after the data breach at Target saw thousands of users’ personal data stolen and used to create falsified lines of credit that were emptied by the thieves, with all the signs pointing to the victims of the theft and not the thieves themselves. LifeLock is a company that provides data theft protection and has worked with the FBI to promote awareness of identity theft, its strategies and consequences. They have now released a best practice guide to help users stay on top of their financial security.

The company recommends limiting liability by ordering a new card if a debit or credit card is at risk of being exposed, cancelling the old details immediately and making them defunct and useless to thieves. They also recommend fraud alerts from credit providers and establishing a credit freeze that prevents anyone opening up new lines of credit until the individual lifts the freeze.

The company also recommend that individuals limit the amount they share on social media, where data is particularly vulnerable, with LinkedIn users twice as likely to report identity theft. Further, people should check their statements regularly for any unusual activity, as some thieves may operate by leeching bit by bit over a longer term. Finally of course, they recommend LifeLock privacy protection services.

A spokesperson for explained, “Using a service like ours is undoubtedly the most comprehensive way for individuals to protect themselves from data and identity theft, but there are other things people can do to augment that protection and stay on top of their financial data. We advise that every action possible be taken to prevent ID theft, and these tips are just some of many we offer to our customers. We help train law enforcement officials in matters of identity theft, so we know exactly how to counter it and stop it before it even begins. Some people ask is it worth it to use LifeLock and other levels of protection, but the increasing number of people who have their identity stolen already knows the answer.”

About LifeLock:
In 2005, LifeLock set out to provide proactive identity theft protection to a growing member base. Thye have more than 350 agents at the ready, with the knowledge and determination to help their members keep their identities safe. LifeLock received an International Stevie® Award in 2010 for its ongoing work with the FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) to educate law enforcement officials on the crime of identity theft.

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