Life insurance denial attorney Paul Deloughery reveals three ways insurers try to deny life insurance claims - Scottsdale, AZ

Paul Deloughery, managing attorney at Interpleader Law Firm, PLC in Scottsdale, AZ, in a recent interview has just revealed three ways that insurers deny life insurance claims. For more information visit

In a recent interview, leading life insurance attorney Paul Deloughery, managing attorney at Interpleader Law Firm, PLC in Scottsdale, AZ, has just revealed the three main ways that insurers deny life insurance claims.

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When asked to comment, Deloughery said, “Insurers often use several tactics to avoid paying a claim in full, which often creates a signals bad faith claim against the insurance company. If bad faith can be proven, then the insured will receive the amount covered by the policy and possibly more.”

Deloughery added that beneficiaries of life insurance claims should be aware of the following ways that life insurers could act in bad faith.

One way that insurance companies try to avoid payment is by cancelling the policy altogether.

When asked to elaborate Deloughery said, “If a beneficiary has submitted a claim, an insurer might try to find misstatements and misrepresentations made on the application to invalidate the policy,” he said.

“It’s the insurer’s job to conduct a thorough investigation after receiving a claim. However, queries made are often done with the intent of avoiding payment instead of validating the policy. An experienced attorney could prove bad faith if the insurer did not have a proper or reasonable cause.”

As part of an investigation, a life insurer might also try to lapse a policy due to missed payments.

“People with life insurance coverage pay a monthly premium. However, toward end of life, a policyholder might miss a couple of payments due to serious illness. An insurer will often try to invalidate a policy and its claim if any payments have not been made,” he said.

“The laws of most states State laws os usually protects policyholders against this and requires that insurers adhere to certain grace and notice periods. A life insurance expert could help determine whether or not an insurer followed state law,” he said

A life insurance company might also reject an insurance claim by improperly citing policy exclusions.

When asked to comment, Deloughery said, “Every policy has exclusions that could result in non-coverage, such as risky activities like skydiving or even suicide. The problem is when an insurer uses exclusions without sufficient proof to deny claims.”

An example of this, according to him, is if an insurer incorrectly claims that a policyholder committed suicide, even if there is not enough evidence.

Deloughery added that a life insurance lawyer could help to prove an insurer’s investigation and claim are inadequate, in which case, the insurer must honor and pay the policy.


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