Life Coaching Service Remains Open After Covid

Discover You Coaching offering in-person and online coaching post-pandemic

While many businesses have been forced to shutter up and close shop due to the Coronavirus, Discover You Coaching has endured. They have found strength in helping others along the path of self-discovery. Their founder, Helen Brenner, helps those trapped living in the unknown self: wrong job, wrong relationship, wrong purpose in life.

“I help people dig deep inside themselves to their lives and discover their genuinely authentic selves. The best way to fill our emptiness is to know ourselves and our values and love ourselves unconditionally. It's a beautiful life when we truly discover who we are and where we're going.”

The past year has seen personal strife at an all-time high. Discover You Coaching was able to rise to meet life’s challenges and the organization hopes to provide others realization on what they want with their lives now more than ever. The life coach program helps uncover and clear obstacles from seeing what is most desired in life.

Life coaching is having a dedicated trainer to help achieve goals in life and career. It’s a creative partnership that helps identify and reach a personal and professional potential. Life coaching discovers the answers within that block progress and hold individuals back. Many exist day-to-day with the same feelings, same questions, and that feeling that “something’s missing”.

Many people live their lives stuck in models, beliefs, and patterns. Oftentimes, these unconstructive patterns have been a part of their lives since childhood. Most of the actions, reactions, and behaviors expressed in life stem from ill-formed outcomes that lead to experiencing negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. Once it’s known what shifts and changes want to be experienced, life coaching can help using tools, techniques, methods, and frameworks that are most appropriate at the time.

Discover You Coaching helps provide insight to individuals into what is truly desired in life. They have a commitment to helping people gain enlightenment about themselves and fill the emptiness felt inside with self-love and appreciation. Through thought-provoking life coaching techniques and tailored approaches, the focus is helping to ask the right questions and remove blocks that get in the way of an ideal life!

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