Lich Truyen Hinh TV Launching Broadcast Schedule For Vietnam Television

The television industry in Vietnam is expanding and increasing at a fast pace. Lich Truyen Hinh TV is one such website that provides authentic information of the Vietnam TV broadcast schedule at the attractively fast and accurate rate.

VTV or Vietnam television was established with proper technical assistance in 1970 as a department of the voice of Vietnam. Since then, zee TV’s regional broadcasting centers are located in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho, and other places. The programming is transmitted in the country with the help of a network of provincial and municipal television stations. Moreover, there are direct transmitters in most outline areas of the country, such that more than 80% of all urban households have a television set.

Currently, Vietnam television or VTV has six regular channels. Vietnam being a communist country, maintains strict control over all local media, and the government controls all broadcast media exercising oversight nationwide. The main television company in Vietnam is the state broadcaster Vietnam television or VTV, and the second-largest TV broadcaster after VTV is the Ho Chi Minh City television or HTV.

Terrestrial TV channels of VTV deal with six broad subjects. The channels are VTV 1 which deals with political, economic, social as well as cultural news; VTV 2 which deals with education, technology and science-related news, then there is the VTV3 which is mainly based on sports entertainment; VTV 4 which covers international news as well as news on home affairs, followed by VTV 5 which covers local news and finally the youth channel which is VTV 6.

Lich Truyen Hinh TV website provides a broadcasting schedule of all the above popular VTV channels in advance so that people can check out time for watching television accordingly. Apart from the above six channels, there are three more channels, which are called VTV7, VTV8, VTV9. The channels were launched in the year 2016 and cover news on various aspects like education and others. Lich Truyen Hinh TV website also provides a broadcasting schedule for these three new channels. This particular website provides a broadcast schedule for a week in advance which helps people to decide and plan their day to day activities accordingly. view here

Getting a broadcasting schedule before a few days not only helps the consumers to switch on the television at the accurate time but also helps them to decide which channel they want to watch for the time being. Apart from providing the broadcasting schedule of VTV channels, this website also provides a broadcasting schedule for other broadcasters like HBO, HTV, SCTV, Today TV, as well as VTVCAB.

About the company: is a website that was launched with the mission of automatically updating the latest fast as well as standard television broadcast schedule for the convenience of the customers. Dish channel provides a broadcasting schedule of dozens of different TV channels as well as with more than ten broadcasters so that customers can easily choose the easiest and convenient one as per the requirement.

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